How to Eliminate Spam Calls and Sales Calls without the Do Not Call List


When you list your number publicly, spam calls and sales calls are to be expected. You want people to find you, otherwise you wouldn’t have listed your number online. However, being easy-to-find online can also bring on the automated spam messages and annoying sales calls. Protect your business with the power of Smith. With our answering and call back service, you can be sure that you are spending your time on high quality leads.

The Difference between Spam and Sales is in the business of answering calls, and many of those calls are trying to sell something. To better identify those you might possibly want to hear from, and those you definitely do not, we have separated them into “sales calls” and “spam calls”.

What’s the difference between the two? When someone contacts you out of the blue to sell you something, it’s a sales call. When it is automated and not in the least bit tailored towards you, it is a spam call. A great example is this spam call, caught by our voicemail.

In case you want to talk with your sales calls, we gather all of the relevant information so that you can follow up with them when it is convenient for you.  

“No” Doesn’t Always Mean “No”

You may have added your number to a National Do Not Call List, simply told telemarketers “no”, or asked individual spam callers to stop.  While these approaches may work, many times a friendly “no” doesn’t always do the trick to get them to go away.

Telemarketers and professional callers are trained to call you multiple times. For them, your “no” may mean “not at this time...” You then find yourself in the awkward situation of being unnecessarily rude at the sake of your sanity. Thankfully, Lifehacker has written up some tips on keeping telemarketers from repeatedly calling your number, even when you’ve asked them to stop.

Some of their suggestions include:  

  • Don’t hang up the phone - it will only make them call back.
  • Don’t act interested - it will only encourage them to talk more.
  • Don’t give them a time to call back - they will.

These are just some suggestions, and they are all great ways to ensure they ‘get the message’ that no means no, before you lose your patience.

Filter Calls with’s Call Disposition

There is an easy way to deal with the madness of spam calls and sales calls: let us handle them. Not only do we identify their calls with intelligent Smith technology, we also attach valuable dispositions that allow you to filter as needed. Every day, you’ll know exactly how many spam and sales calls you received, without having to talk to the callers making them. Plus, if you use our live transfer feature, we will connect the callers you want to talk to, while leaving sales callers to wait for a callback.

It’s your time, and we value it highly. Sign up for risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Jenn Marie

Jenn Marie is the founder of Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC, which provides content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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