Distracted by Your Phone? It’s Time for a Phone Answering Service


Telephone calls are distracting. Plus, when you are a busy professional, they can get in the way of you making money. That’s part of the reason Smith.ai created its phone answering service. We want to help save you from spending all your time answering calls. Of course, we think fewer telephone distractions are important, but what does the Internet think?

Intelligent People Do Not Answer Their Phones

In her humorous Quora post, Inc. contributor, Milena Rangelov, had plenty of answers for the question: “What do intelligent people do with their phones?” From her initial response of “they turn the phone off and put it away at night” to “they put it away when they talk to someone”, the importance of focus while working was a recurring theme.

It comes as no surprise to us that nearly twenty-nine thousand people have agreed with her answer. While there is much more written than that initial response, the gist of it is that your phone can quickly become a problem if you let it. The way to be intelligent about it is learning how not to let your phone take over your life.

Your Phone is Just Another Distraction

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs welcome the sound of a phone call. They could be from a potential client. However, in today’s heavily-marketed world, that hopefulness can quickly turn to dread when you discover it is just another sales call — or perhaps worse — an automated spambot. Even the most financially eager professional may start to avoid calls after receiving one too many junk calls.   

Combine these calls with the influx of advertisements in your email, door-to-door solicitations at your place of business, and even social chatter in the workplace, and you have the perfect mixture for “you’re not going to get anything done”. Your phone may not be the only factor leading to this problem, but there’s a good chance it is adding to it. When it is time to get work done, any reduction in your workday distractions is worth considering.

A Phone Answering Service That Helps Your Business

What if there were a way to limit your workday distractions while not missing out on important calls?

Good news — there is!  Our virtual receptionist service is much more than your everyday small business answering service. The expert agents at Smith.ai, combined with intelligent technology, focus on completing the critical tasks of filtering away spam calls, and quickly delivering important calls such as customer leads or potential sales.

We also take the extra steps of making it work for your business by:

  • for seamless call scheduling (Youcanbook.me, Calend.ly, Google Calendar, Stripe Appointments, and many others)
  • integrating with ticketing systems so you can help customers faster (Zendesk)
  • with custom reporting options
  • to help nurture your leads (CapsuleCRM)

We even offer Storepoint.co integrations for retail customers and can build custom integrations in most cases. It is these big things, (and the little ones, such as voicemail MP3 that are easy to find) that make Smith.ai the small business answering solution.

When running a business, your phone can both help and hinder. The challenge is learning how to get the most from every phone call, while minimizing workday distractions. At Smith.ai, we are making that task easier, with a small business answering service that puts your business needs first.

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Written by Jenn Marie

Jenn Marie is the founder of Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC, which provides content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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