Top 10 Google Docs Shortcuts to Finish Your Work Faster


If you’re a Google Docs user, you might already have some of your favorite shortcuts that help you get things done. Some people, however, are still new to the platform or perhaps just don’t realize all the great shortcuts that are available. You’ll find many that are similar to the ones offered in other software and word processors, but they’re all quite useful and can shave a lot of time off the creation of documents when you put them to use. 

Here are 10 of the most commonly used Google Docs shortcuts. 

1. Undo/Redo 

Sometimes when you’re working within a Google document, you get a little ahead of yourself or mess something up. Mistakes happen, and that’s exactly why this shortcut is at the top of the list. Easily undo or redo an action to ensure that your work is error-free by using the following shortcuts:

  • Undo: Ctrl + Z
  • Redo: Ctrl + Shift + Z

2. Show shortcuts

Want to cheat and see all the common shortcuts that are available? You can do that in Google Docs by pressing Ctrl + /. Then, even if you haven’t memorized them, you can access the most common shortcuts for your docs. 

3. Find and replace

If you’re looking to save time tracking down those words that need to be replaced, this shortcut will come in handy. Press Ctrl + H and you’ll bring up the Find and Replace box, where you can type in the words you want to locate and exchange. 

4. Cut 

Ctrl + X is the quick and easy way to cut a word, letter, or even an entire page of content. You’ll have to select the content you want to cut (Ctrl + A to select all) before using this shortcut, or it won’t work properly. 

5. Copy 

Ctrl + C will copy text. Again, you’ll have to select the text first, and you can choose from a single word or an entire document. You can also use this to copy images, tables, and other content in the Google document. 

6. Paste

Ctrl + V is the shortcut to paste the content into your document from another source (or from elsewhere in the Doc). This will paste the content as it is currently formatted. If you want to paste the text only and skip the formatting, press Ctrl + Shift + V instead. 

7. Insert/edit link

Today, links are a part of regular content, so it’s helpful to know how to add them with ease. Instead of having to go to the menu and find the option to insert a link, you can just press Ctrl + K and you will get the link box to pop up so that you can create or edit a link and its text. 

8. Insert page break

Need to start a new page in the same document? Simply press Ctrl + Enter and you’ll be taken to the next page in the document that you’re working on. This also saves the potential for formatting issues when you attempt to use the Enter key to get down to a new page.

9. Strikethrough text

Strikethrough is a feature that allows you to cross out certain text, such as in the case of lists or outlines. You can simply press Alt + Shift + 5 and the highlighted text will all have a line put through it, crossing it off, essentially. This is a great feature for several uses, especially when sharing Google Docs and collaborating.

10. Insert a list 

This one’s another bonus two-for-one shortcut. You can use keyboard shortcuts to insert lists into your Google Docs, both in the form of numbered lists and bulleted lists. For a numbered list, press Ctrl + Shift + 7. For a bulleted list, you’ll want Ctrl + Shift + 8. If you want to do any formatting of the bullets, you’ll have to go up to the editing ribbon and make changes that way, but just making a list is easy with this shortcut.

Shortcuts galore

Of course, there are dozens of other Google Docs shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts that you can find to make your work even more productive. These are just some of the most common and useful. It helps if you can memorize the most-used ones, but you can also print out a cheat sheet to keep by your computer so that you’re always ready to shortcut your way through anything.

Remember to have the Google Docs window open when you’re pressing the shortcut keys. Otherwise, you could start doing things in other windows without realizing it. Also, you can check out Google’s own help document that goes through all shortcuts for PC, Mac, Chrome OS, and even Android and iPhone/iPad. This is a handy resource to bookmark so that you’re never far from a full list of all that Docs can do when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.

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