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Peter Wahlberg

Businesses that succeed re-assess, move quickly, and aren’t afraid to look for help. We've always been a remote-first company, so while we faced minimal disruption from stay-at-home, we know how challenging it is to build the infrastructure and the culture around it over years, much less weeks.

Having that culture and structure firmly in place (and well honed!) has let us maintain our focus on supporting our clients. So, we're here to help with your adjustments by offering you help through our virtual receptionists and chat services. doesn’t just answer your phones or chats (although we’re masters at that): We conduct lead qualification and intake, appointment and call-back scheduling, payment processing, outbound follow-ups, call prioritization and screen spam and sales calls absolutely free. We are available 7-days a week (and 24/7 for our AI-backed live chat), and we can handle all of your incoming messages or just take on overflow.

With Our Promo Code SMITHCOVID19, You Will Get:

  • Our free 20-call / 20-chat free trial 
  • An additional 20 calls free (first month free on our Starter Plan, or apply 20 calls to a larger plan; $140 value)
  • 1 free CRM integration
  • 1 free 24/7 AI Chatbot (including unlimited chats and white-glove setup & installation on your website, $150 value)

You’ll get the equivalent of a free month of our Starter plan; a free integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign or any other CRM we work with; and our free 24/7 AI Chatbot, which comes not just with unlimited chats but with our white-glove setup & installation. Our plans are month-to-month, and you can keep AI Chatbot even if our service doesn’t prove a fit.

We’re here to help, so complete our express setup form or reach out at We can get you started in just 1-2 business days, or choose expedited setup for urgent phone answering setup in 1-2 hours.

Peter Wahlberg

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