February 13, 2020

Smith.ai Ambassador Sonia Lakhany Earns Lifetime Receptionist Services for Free!

Nationally acclaimed trademark attorney, law practice advisor, and longtime Smith.ai client Sonia Lakhany, owner of Lakhany Law, P.C., has earned lifetime service from Smith.ai for free!

How did Sonia achieve free lifetime service?

As a brand ambassador, Sonia has brought Smith.ai into so many businesses that her account credits earned from client referrals have reduced her bill for Smith.ai receptionist services to zero.

One by one, each new client Sonia brought into the Smith.ai fold took an already affordable service and chipped away at her monthly bill. After a 150% increase in referral credit rewards last year, and the addition of a new-client discount each Ambassador is equipped to bestow on new clients, it didn't take long for Sonia to hit a $0 bill.

For years, Sonia has urged law firms to hand off those time-consuming, routine chores of call answering, lead screening, and scheduling to Smith.ai's highly capable receptionists, just as she has done at her own firm. She has a streamlined law practice, ample time for business management and oversight, and an enviable work-life balance. The benefits of using Smith.ai's receptionists always far outweighed the cost. Now, there's just no comparison!

In Sonia's words...

When we asked Sonia what experiences inspired her to become such an ardent Smith.ai evangelist, she said:

"I couldn’t run a successful law practice without Smith.ai! There’s so much to do and too little time. Smith.ai receptionists answer my calls in the same friendly and professional manner that I would, which gives me peace of mind and the freedom to manage all the other critical aspects of my business."

Interested in reducing or eliminating the cost of your receptionist services?

Smith.ai offers generous referral, authorized reseller, and wholesale opportunities as part of our affinity program. Both newly interested and existing clients and partners can learn more by visiting https://smith.ai/partners, or by emailing our Affinity & Partnerships team at referrals@smith.ai.

Don't wait to discover how you can strengthen your small business and be of service to your peers, as Sonia has done. Smith.ai works not only with lawyers, but also with solopreneurs, small businesses, startups, and growing enterprises in a wide range of industries to accelerate business growth and productivity.

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