Small Firm Legal Marketing Reviews’s AI-Enhanced Virtual Receptionist & Web Chat Services

Kelsey Johnson

As the creator of the Small Firm Legal Marketing Maxwell Paderewski tests and reviews products and services that help small law firms improve their marketing results. This past week, he tested and reviewed's Virtual Receptionist and Web Chat services. In the review, he measures based on our features, pricing, integrations, availability, and other aspects that are important to small-firm attorneys seeking support and relief from virtual receptionists via phone and web chat.

Read Maxwell’s review on Small Firm Legal Marketing.

Maxwell Paderewski is a personal injury attorney in Washington, DC, and founder of Small Firm Legal Marketing. He has experience working with thousands of clients in a small-firm environment, and has deep expertise in identifying the most effective legal technology and marketing solutions and strategies. He has experimented with numerous approaches to client acquisition and ways to drive greater client satisfaction. Learn more about Maxwell and dive into his advice at

Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson is the former marketing manager at She is a legal tech expert focused on helping solos and small firms with their practices through tech-enabled operations, digital marketing, and communications.

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