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Available with no long-term commitment,’s Outreach Campaigns help create more opportunities for your sales team without the overhead cost of in-house staff.

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Along with the savings, you'll also benefit from:

  • Hundreds of AI-enabled North America-based BDRs
  • Quick & easy white-glove setup 
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor results
  • Per-contact pricing that's simple & transparent
  • Free CRM integration, email & SMS follow-ups, and more

What's included with Outreach Campaigns?

Thanks to our hundreds of sales-trained agents, and powered by our AI technology, we’re able to make calls at the right time, with the right message, so you can focus on what you do best — closing deals.  

We eliminate the headache and cost of recruiting, training, and managing part- and full-time staff members. That overhead saving can be instead put toward optimizing your sales and marketing efforts and generating more leads.

The risks associated with low-cost overseas dialers are eliminated too — namely, the negative impacts on customer service and brand reputation. Our highly skilled agents — backed by our proprietary AI software – ensure call cadence, messaging, and strategy are all spot-on before campaigns are carried out. 

We know that most outreach campaigns are ROI-sensitive. You’ve probably spent both time and money in your efforts to generate leads. That’s why we apply our expertise to each campaign objective and make sure you get the most out of your return starting on Day 1.

View real-time data from your online dashboard and get insight into the performance of each campaign. We even integrate directly into your CRM so you can maintain a single source of truth and measure the impact of your investment more clearly and easily. 

Outreach campaigns benefit a variety of business types across industries. Some that have seen success with’s Outreach Campaigns include those in legal, home services, HVAC, finance, digital marketing, and veterinary services. 

"The month after hiring, our revenue increased by 25%! Comparing last January [before] to this January [after hiring], revenue increased by 40%. Their outbound calling works so well. We close 80% of the viable DUIs we get. Before, I’d have to monitor the lead inbox. Now, is making the outbound call as soon as the lead comes in. They vet it for me, and I get to talk to only qualified leads." - Adam Cohen, Ticket Crushers

How Outreach Campaigns can help creates more sales opportunities for your team

Recognized by Clutch as a top sales outsourcing provider in 2023, first made Outreach Campaigns available in December 2021 to help businesses reach, engage, and convert more leads. We’ve since expanded Outreach Campaigns to better suit our clients. The solution now includes per-contact pricing, on-demand campaigns, bundled features for major savings, and more.

Per-Contact Pricing

We decided to change our pricing to per-contact rather than per-call. This allows us to make the optimal five calls to each lead — increasing your chances of reaching and converting that lead without increasing your costs.

‍Two Campaign Options 

We’ve added a one-time campaign option so business owners and operators can choose how to enhance their sales teams. Clients can now choose among two campaign options.

  • On-Demand Campaigns are geared toward businesses that have a single lead list on-hand with no commitment or recurring investment beyond that one campaign. 
  • Ongoing Campaigns are subscription-based and best suited to businesses seeking continuous BDR-style outreach, lead engagement, and nurturing. 

Bundled Features

Previously available at an additional cost, these core features are also now included for free to improve the effectiveness of our agents’ outreach efforts:

  • CRM Integration: We’ll update your software automatically, either through one of our native integrations or via Zapier. 
  • Email and Text Message Follow-up: We’ll send customized emails and texts directly to the contacts on your outreach list.
  • Third-Party Intake Forms: We'll input caller information and ask questions to qualify leads.
  • Appointment Setting: We’ll schedule appointments directly with contacts we reach and engage so you just need to show up for meetings.
  • Outbound Business Caller ID: With caller ID enabled, our outreach campaign calls appear on recipients’ phones as coming from your business phone number — greatly improving reach rates.

‍Check out the full list of features and add-on options for Outreach Campaigns.

Questions? Talk to us! focuses on reaching, engaging, and converting your leads through outbound calling to create more sales opportunities and progress them through your funnel. 

Each campaign is totally customized — from the objective and messaging to the size of the list and the cadence of the calls. It puts business owners and key stakeholders in the driver’s seat without them needing to actually execute the work — so they can focus instead on closing deals.

Your lead list can come from your CRM, a trade show attendee list, an email subscriber list, or other sources, like a sales intelligence or enrichment tool. 

We’ll make the outbound calls — working each time to meet the campaign objective set during client onboarding.

Book a free consultation now to take advantage of this 10% off, limited-time offer and learn more about how’s Outreach Campaigns can help your business!

Note: This offer applies to first-time Outreach Campaign clients who sign up and pay by March 31, 2023 and includes 10% off your first invoice. We define "first-time clients" as clients who have not yet paid for Outreach Campaign services, so if you've been using our free AI chatbot or you've only paid for our Virtual Receptionists, you're welcome to take advantage of this offer. This offer may not be combined with any other promo codes or promotions. Click here to view plans and pricing.

Outreach Campaigns
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Take the faster path to growth.
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