10 Common Business Problems Solved with Virtual Receptionists


No matter your industry, chances are good that your business faces quite a few challenges. Overcoming those hurdles is critical, whether we’re talking about low productivity, dealing with spam phone calls, or just being unable to vet potential leads accurately before moving them into the intake process.

The good news is that there’s help available. Virtual receptionists can address many of the most common problems businesses face today. Not sure how a virtual receptionist might be able to transform your business? Let’s take a look at 10 common business problems Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists solve.

1. Missed phone calls

Every missed phone call is a missed opportunity. It’s that simple. Of course, your team has other things to do besides fielding phone call after phone call. A virtual receptionist can ensure that every single phone call your business receives is answered professionally and promptly. That means no more frustrated customers leaving irate voicemails and no more missed opportunities to convert leads into customers.

2. Poor customer experience

Every interaction is part of a customer’s experience with your business. That applies to every phone call, email, and text message. It’s essential to maintain a consistent tone and voice across all touchpoints, too. That can be challenging when you have different team members handling those communications. A virtual receptionist can improve your customers’ experiences, maintain consistency, and deliver exceptional professionalism across all channels.

3. Dealing with robocalls/spam

How much time do your team members spend every day dealing with robocalls and spam calls? Chances are good that it’s a lot. And every minute spent fielding those calls is a minute that they’re not focused on mission-critical tasks. A virtual receptionist can handle all of your business’s phone calls, including robocalls and spam. Spam and robocalls are blocked immediately. We block sales calls by default, so you never need to worry about answering them, but you can whitelist partners and vendors.

4. Inaccurate appointment setting

Appointment setting is an art in itself. It involves being able to access databases, handling client information, knowing the schedules of people within your business, and working to balance both client and company needs. Inaccurate appointment setting can result in the need to reschedule, which increases the chance of a cancelation or no-show. Virtual receptionists can help by providing accurate appointment setting that balances your team members’ schedules and your customers’ time.

5. Handling appointment reminders and follow-ups

When a client misses an appointment, it throws many things off. A team member is left with a hole in their daily schedule, and the client must book another appointment, just for starters. Dealing with follow-ups after an appointment can also be time-consuming for your team members. Virtual receptionists can help here by sending appointment reminders (by phone, email, and text) to reduce the number of missed appointments and the need to reschedule. They can also follow up after appointments, which can boost client satisfaction and retention.

6. Dealing with after-hours calls

In a perfect world, customers would only call during business hours. We don’t live in such a world, sadly, and people call at all hours of the day and night. If there’s no one to answer the phone, the call will go to voicemail, which means a missed opportunity. Virtual receptionists can answer your business calls even after hours. 24/7 availability means no more missed opportunities and that even those who call very late at night can speak with a live professional rather than having to leave a voicemail.

7. Inaccurate call transfers

What happens when a call is transferred incorrectly? In a best-case scenario, your customer has to wait even longer to speak to the right person. In a worst-case scenario, they might be sent to the wrong person’s voicemail. In that instance, the call could be lost entirely, along with the customer’s business. Virtual receptionists can provide accurate call transfers, ensuring that your customers always reach the right person to handle their needs. 

8. Poor lead vetting

Lead qualification is an essential part of your processes, but it’s time-consuming and often unrewarding when a potential lead turns out to be a poor fit. Every minute a team member spends with a lead that will never convert is one less they can spend with a customer they can actually help. Virtual receptionists can provide ongoing, accurate lead vetting to screen out those who aren’t a good fit for your business.

9. Handling customer communication beyond phone calls

The days when customer phone calls were the only form of communication are long gone. Today, customers may reach out via phone, text, email, or even through your website. That’s a lot of channels for your team to cover while still handling their other responsibilities. A virtual receptionist can ensure that customer communication is handled professionally, no matter the channel in question.

10. No more busy signals

What happens when a customer calls, but the line is busy? In some cases, they might call back later. Or they could call a competitor. You can’t afford for that to happen. A virtual receptionist can handle overflow calls so that if you’re unable to answer because you’re on the line with another customer, the call is still answered professionally and promptly.

Ready to change your business for the better?

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries struggle with common problems. Virtual receptionists can solve many of them. At Smith.ai, our goal is to help you streamline your business while delivering a better customer experience at each touchpoint. Our team of professional virtual receptionists offers 24/7 call answering, appointment scheduling and reminders, lead vetting and intake, call overflow handling, and more. It’s all about freeing your team to handle important tasks while we handle customer communication. Isn’t it time you had an answer to your business’s challenges? 

To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to hello@smith.ai.

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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