offers customizable live chat services and features to meet the needs of your business and its clients.


Live Agents

Friendly, professional, live agents available to answer questions & qualify leads 24/7. Our chat agents have years of experience in customer service or hospitality.

Customized Greetings

Your live chat will greet clients using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Familiar with Your Business

We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, and more.

Referrals to Recommended Businesses

We can monetize your "bad leads" by referring them to someone on your custom list of businesses.

Custom Branding & Colors

Choose how your chat widget looks on your website so it matches your overall design and branding.

Custom Placement

Choose where your chat widget is displayed — sitewide or on specific-pages. And you can choose between different styles, such as a chat bubble in the lower right or a "tab" on the left.

Proactive Chat

The level of “assertiveness” of your chat widget is up to you. Your chat widget can prompts the web visitor to engage in a conversation immediately, or after 15, 30, or 60 seconds.


Our chat widget works on every device and browser — computer, tablet, or phone.

AI Technology

From language-translation to qualification playbooks, our proprietary live chat technology enables agents to assist your clients with exceptional care and unparalleled efficiency.

Custom-Built Knowledge Base & Q&A

Build a knowledge base that makes accessing answers to common questions easy for our live receptionists or your full-time chatbot.

SMS Text Answering

In addition to web chat, our live agents can answer text messages sent to your business, following your custom instructions to capture, screen, and schedule new leads. Add SMS text answering to your Live Chat plan for free.

Facebook Messenger

Our live agents can answer Facebook messages for your business, following your custom instructions for handling new leads and current clients. Add Facebook Messenger to your live chat plan for free.

Real-Time Translation

We leverage Neural Network AI to instantly translate chats from Spanish-speaking web visitors if they connect with one of our English-speaking receptionists. The receptionists’ chats in English are translated back into Spanish, bringing fluency to chat conversations. (Note: does have Spanish-speaking receptionists, but not every receptionist is bilingual.)

Mobile Notifications

Get notified on your phone via text message (SMS) every time a new chat occurs. You'll know when new leads come in.



E-Commerce Order Integration

Your receptionists can gather e-commerce details such as order number, item info, and address.

New Client Intake

We'll complete new client intake forms for your qualified leads, so new client information is logged in your CRM.

Lead Data Gathering

We'll capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria, such as their service needs, where they heard about you, and more.

Customer Service and Support Desk

We can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets. We integrate with many CRMs, too.



Works with Popular Website Hosting Platforms

Our state-of-the-art technology makes it easy to embed our chat widget on your website, whether your site is built on Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, WebFlow, or other website platforms.



Easy Billing

You’ll always know what you are paying for. Base monthly fee, and any overage. That’s it.

No Hidden Fees

You won’t find any surprises on your bill from We like to keep things simple for you.

No Setup Fees

There is no setup fee, or setup fee called something else to hide it from you. Joining is easy and fast.

No Cancellation Fees

Month-by-month contracts mean you can cancel at any time — without any penalty or cancellation fee.



No Charge for Spam or “Wrong Business” Chats

Spam and unwanted chats from people who accidentally landed on your website (instead of the website they intended to visit) don’t count towards your monthly chat quota.



24/7 Worldwide Service

With live agents available 24/7, our friendly & prompt chat service is available in all time zones around the world.

Receptionist Callback Integration

If you also use our Virtual Receptionist service, your website chat visitors can request a phone call to continue the conversation with a real live receptionist.

Agents & AI at all hours

Live chat agents work in tandem with AI technology so common questions are answered automatically, with live agents available to carry out full conversations.



At, our customers come first. We are always interested in hearing what you need and do our very best to build new features to accommodate you. Please reach out to us with any questions about customization at or call us at (650) 727-6484.