The Top 10 CRMs for Medical & Wellness Clinics: Building Stronger Patient Relationships


It’s difficult to think of a more client-facing industry than the medical and wellness sector. Additionally, clinics, centers, and other medical facilities also face significant regulatory hurdles in terms of information security, as well as the need to integrate and transform legacy records into electronic medical records (EMR). The good news is that the right customer relationship management tool (CRM) can provide powerful resources, streamline workflows, and ensure compliance with medical industry rules and regulations.

The challenge, of course, is finding the right CRM from amongst the dozens (perhaps hundreds) of other options available on the market. Some CRMs offer plenty of features and capabilities but don’t speak to the unique nature of the medical and wellness industries. Others might be industry-focused, but lack key capabilities necessary to serve your patients/clients correctly. 

It’s about more than just features and security, though. Medical and wellness clinics’ needs can vary dramatically depending on focus – a senior care facility will require vastly different capabilities in its CRM than a chiropractic office. The same is true for an optometrist’s office and a family medical practice. Simply put, the medical and wellness sector is huge and varied. Choosing the right CRM can be a process fraught with missteps and confusion when you can least afford it.

The helping hand you need

We’ve done the legwork for you and selected the top 10 CRMs for medical and wellness clinics based on metrics and capabilities that matter most. It’s also important for medical and wellness clinics to deliver a positive patient/client experience at every touchpoint and nowhere is that more obvious than office reception. PatientPop (one of the CRMs in our list below) points out that almost 60% of patients expect a short wait to see a doctor initially, and almost 27% become frustrated with office waits that exceed 15 minutes. Almost 60% prefer text message-based care and appointment reminders. Finally, most patients with negative feedback focus on direct communication with their provider – particularly office staff/reception.

At, we provide professional, live receptionists 24/7 to answer questions, provide guidance, make appointments, send reminder notifications, and more. When combined with the right CRM, our Live Receptionist and Live Chat capabilities help transform you into a provider of note and ensure that you’re able to stand out in the medical and wellness industry for all the right reasons. 

Diving into your CRM options

1. HubSpot

We’ll begin with one of the most popular CRMs across all industries – HubSpot. While this option does not offer health and wellness-specific modules, thousands of healthcare companies have used it to build stronger patient relationships, convert more leads, and deliver a better patient experience at each touchpoint. The genius behind this CRM is right in the name – it’s a collection of different components, called hubs. 

From marketing to sales, service to content management, HubSpot makes it simple to build strong relationships, manage service and meet expectations, spread your message through the right channels, and surface deep insights about your audience that enable informed actions and decisions. One of the best parts? HubSpot’s basic functionality is free to use, which means reduced overhead without giving up access to critical features and capabilities. Of course, the paid version brings additional functions to the table.

Key features to consider with HubSpot:

  • Free option? Yes
  • Price: $45 per month
  • List segmentation
  • Custom landing page creation
  • Follow-up emails and templates
  • Communication insights and social media integration
  • Custom reporting

2. Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce is one of the most widely used platforms in the world, and it offers Health Cloud to “personalize patient and member experiences, simplify access to care, and streamline operations”. With Salesforce Health Cloud, your clinic/office can create the personalized experience that your patients expect, while simultaneously connecting with them on a deeper level.

With these tools, medical and wellness clinics empower agents to solve patient questions quickly, reduce readmissions, engage members through unique experiences, and deliver 1-to-1 care to those who require it most. Some of the key features to consider with Salesforce Health Cloud include the following:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free trial.
  • Price: Custom
  • Achieve a single view of patients and members to personalize email journeys
  • Unlock clinical data to improve communications and patient outcomes
  • Deliver personalized engagement
  • Manage patient data with complete security
  • Integrate, access, and share information between providers, payers, and patients

3. is another major player in the CRM industry, and this platform delivers key capabilities for medical and wellness clinics of all shapes and sizes. As with Salesforce Health Cloud, focuses on enabling you to deliver truly personalized care for every patient while tracking important details like contact information and medical history. Patient data is made available in a single location for easy access or sharing, and robust security ensures compliance with industry rules and government regulations like HIPAA. 

This CRM makes it simple to assign items with visual boards, offers automated (and customizable) emails, helps you set and send reminders, and ensures that you’re able to share important information with your entire team, as well as with patients. It supports data imports through Excel and other platforms to begin transferring patient records from legacy systems, as well.

Features of note with include:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free trial.
  • Price: $8 per user per month
  • Lead contact and deal management
  • Unlimited visual pipelines
  • Full mobile CRM
  • Document management
  • Web-to-lead capturing
  • Shareable forms
  • HIPAA compliance (enterprise-level only)

4. PatientPop

The first CRM on our list custom-built for the healthcare industry, PatientPop delivers key capabilities that medical and wellness clinics need in today’s world. It bills itself as “the only end-to-end practice growth platform for private medical and dental practices” and offers powerful capabilities to help streamline practice and patient management. 

PatientPop offers several different modules focused on areas such as attracting and retaining patients, reputation management/review management, personalizing the patient experience through online booking and unique email communications, tracking practice performance metrics in real-time, and integration with today’s most commonly used EMR/EHR systems, including Dentrix, Greenway, and athenahealth. 

Key considerations with PatientPop include the following:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free demo.
  • Price: Custom
  • Telehealth tools
  • Practice marketing tools
  • Practice growth and management capabilities
  • EMR/EHR integration

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive might not be purpose-built for the medical/healthcare industry, but it is one of the most widely used CRMs today. It also provides a wide range of capabilities and features that speak directly to medical and wellness clinic pain points and challenges, including logging customer contact and insurance information, recording patient experience notes, and making all that information easily accessible from a central dashboard.

With Pipedrive, medical and wellness clinics can access critical information to identify trends, provide better care for each patient, personalize patient journeys, and track practice growth over time. It’s all about having access to the right information at the right time. Key considerations with Pipedrive include the following:

  • Free option? No, but there is a 14-day free trial.
  • Price: $12.50 per user per month
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Custom fields
  • Merge duplicate data
  • Communication tracking
  • Deal/lead/patient management
  • Customizable email templates

6. NexHealth

Another industry-specific CRM, NexHealth promises to deliver ways to help ensure patients choose your office, can pay with minimum hassle, and return for more care. It offers EHR-integrated real-time online scheduling, digital paperwork, streamlined communications capabilities, and more.

One of the most interesting aspects of this CRM is the no-touch, paperless experience it promotes. Text-based billing messages, email communications, and other digital touchpoints help streamline patient flows, and all electronic forms are HIPAA-compliant, as well. It also integrates with most EHR systems, as well as full practice management systems. 

Some of the most important features offered by NexHealth include the following:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Custom
  • Accept online payments
  • Customizable, HIPAA-compliant online forms
  • Marketing campaign tracking
  • Customizable email communications
  • Virtual waiting list
  • Patient recall capabilities

7. Enquire CRM

Enquire CRM is unique in that it focuses on serving a specific niche within the medical and wellness industry – senior living and post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing, home health, and hospice. It delivers important capabilities for these providers, including surfacing community-based insights related to performance and patient/resident care, access to business intelligence (BI) tools, and more to deliver an exceptional experience every time.

Enquire CRM allows providers to customize terminology, customize and automate workflows, and create custom sales processes and does so within a cloud-based, mobile-friendly environment. Some of the key capabilities offered by Enquire CRM include the following:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free trial.
  • Price: $110 per user per month with volume discounts available
  • Full contact management capabilities
  • Customizable reporting with over 100 visualizations
  • Marketing automation including landing pages, automated email campaigns, etc.
  • Access to all data within a centralized dashboard
  • Powerful communication tools

8. ReferralMD

Billing itself as “the leading patient engagement and provider management platform for healthcare providers,” ReferralMD is a comprehensive solution to your clinic’s most pressing challenges. It offers a broad range of solutions, with a focus on referral management by managing all inbound and outbound referrals through advanced AI.

ReferralMD also offers the ability to provide support and track correspondence with partners and patients, improve communication, provide immediate access to crucial patient information, and delve into a vast network of referral partners. Some of the most important capabilities offered by this CRM include the following:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free demo.
  • Price: Custom
  • Powerful marketing outreach tools
  • Task management capabilities
  • Activity tracking
  • Access to patient information in a centralized dashboard
InfluxMD logo

9. InfluxMD

InfluxMD was built specifically for medical and wellness clinics and offers full HIPAA compliance. It promises to help you “create relationships with your customers that increase enrollment and referrals for your medical practice.” Note that this is more than just a CRM – it’s a full practice management suite that includes sales and marketing, lead management, and offers additional premium add-ons. Influx provides tools that help you show your patients that you care, to streamline and personalize communication, and dramatically change your patient relationships.

In addition to making patient information (medical and customer experience-related) centrally accessible, Influx also delivers complete security, customizable forms, and in-depth reporting to help ensure informed decision making. Some of the main features offered by InfluxMD include the following:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: $150 per month
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Complete contact management via any connected device
  • One-page lead records
  • Secure communication
  • Integrates with most email platforms
  • Custom forms
  • 360-degree, closed-loop reporting

10. Welltok Patientology

The CRM with the funny name, Welltok Patientology delivers important benefits, including understanding and analyzing current patients and acquiring and retaining new patients. Patientology is billed as a “PRM”, or patient relationship management platform. It also delivers a broad range of important capabilities. 

With Patientology, you can plan new marketing, automate communications, build relationships through meaningful communication, and delve into information to help retain profitable patients while reducing the impact of attrition on your practice. Some of the key capabilities this platform offers include:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Custom
  • Ensure precise communications
  • Deliver a customized patient experience
  • HIPAA compliance and full security
  • Easily integrate EMR/EHR
  • Empower improved patient outcomes
  • Improve patient loyalty
  • Delve into deep analytics

Let improve patient relationships

With the wealth of CRMs out there, no medical or wellness clinic should be without one. Whether you provide family care or focus on a specific subset of patients or a specialty area, there’s a platform that fits your unique needs, goals, and challenges. Additionally, can help you improve those patient relationships with “always-on” live receptionistsLack of responsiveness, long wait times, and an inability to get the information they need are key drivers of patient dissatisfaction – we solve those problems for you.

If you’re ready to step up your game, get in touch to learn more about our Live Receptionist Service or explore how our Live Chat can help you build a more loyal patient base. Feel free to get in touch by email if you prefer (find us at, or reach out by phone. You can call us at (650) 727-6484.

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