The Best Screenshot Apps for Google Phone for Professional-Looking Images


Not quite satisfied with the native screenshot app on your Google phone? Perhaps you鈥檙e just looking for something that you can use on your phone and other devices to share and collaborate with your team. Regardless, you do have options. The functions that Google offer are good enough for some things鈥攂asic screenshots and simple annotations and sharing are fine. However, if you want to create professional-looking images and high-quality recordings, you need a dedicated app.

The good news is that there are plenty of them on the market today, and they all offer a lot of features that will enhance your experience with screen captures, no matter what you鈥檙e using them for. These apps offer a variety of capture options, robust editing and configuration tools, and unique add-ons that you won鈥檛 find on native tools. No matter what Google phone or version of Android you have, you should be able to find the best tools on the list below to help you with your screenshots and videos.

Of course, part of that comes in choosing a good app鈥攕o what features are most important? Consider:

路聽 Editing and configuration features that are included. Obviously, you鈥檙e upgrading from the native tool to get more and if you need professional quality, you want more editing features and tools. If an app doesn鈥檛 offer more than basic cropping and editing, it might not be worth your time. Consider tools that allow you to change the resolution, frame-rate, and more.

路聽 Capture options. When you choose a screenshot app, you need to know how many different options it offers for capturing your screen. Some have only full-screen and selection captures, while others offer scrolling, panoramic, window capture, and other choices. You don鈥檛 necessarily need them all, but you need to make sure that you get what works for you.

路聽 Compatibility on multiple devices, if that鈥檚 important to you. Some people are content with a single app for their Google phone. Others might need something that their entire team can access on different devices. Some of the apps below are Android-specific, but most will work with Android, iOS, and other platforms.

路聽 Saving, sharing, and exporting features. Collaboration with screenshots is all about being able to put them to use after you've done the work. The best tools will make it easy for you to share and save your screenshots and recordings. You should be able to save to your device, the cloud, and other locations, share to social media, export files, and more.

路聽 Additional features and tools. If you find yourself in an 鈥渁pples to apples鈥 situation and can鈥檛 make a final decision, consider any additional features or premium tools that are offered in certain apps. For example, some on the list below allow you to create GIFs or may have a dedicated social media share button. Some screenshot tools even have image searching and document scanning features. These could be valuable to you but aren鈥檛 necessarily essential.

Tips for taking professional-looking screenshots

The art of the screenshot is a delicate one. It takes balance, skill, and a lot of practice in learning what not to share, more often than not. Some people forget things like cropping out personal details, or removing their browser data, while others might just need some tips on taking better screenshots. Either way, here鈥檚 what you need to know.

Tip #1: Get rid of the clutter

If you don't need it on the screen, it has to go. Make sure that you clean up your desktop icons if your desktop is showing, hide any personal information or files, and don鈥檛 share any confidential or sensitive information, even by accident. Check every single inch of the window or area that you are capturing to make sure that it won鈥檛 detract from what you actually want to share.

Tip #2: Consider the purpose

For example, if you鈥檙e making a tutorial, you鈥檒l want to be sure that the entire app is in the window and use editing tools and markups like arrows to point out important features to the reader. If you鈥檙e generating bug reports, you might need to point out the broken issues or errors that need to be resolved. When you think about your intention, creating the perfect image is easy.

Tip #3: Watch out with auto-uploads

Auto uploading can be handy, but if you鈥檙e trying to share professionally, it can also be dangerous. Some tools may want to share items before you鈥檙e ready, or they may send sensitive files that you don鈥檛 want to share without warning you as to what you鈥檙e sending. Sure, it鈥檚 convenient at times, but it could compromise your privacy, among other things.

Tip #4: Don鈥檛 show too much (or too little)

Again, this goes back to considering what you鈥檙e trying to do with your screenshots. Granted, your Google phone isn鈥檛 going to have a ton of real estate to show off, but you don鈥檛 want to share more than needed. Crop the screenshot so that there鈥檚 no wasted space. However, make sure the shot is big enough to provide the right context. Think about the end result from the perspective of the viewer鈥攚hat would they expect to see?

If you keep these things in mind, you鈥檒l be on your way to professional-looking images, no matter which of the tools below you use. Speaking of which, let鈥檚 dive in and take a look at the best screenshot apps for Google phones.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder offers a no-root version, which is something that a lot of Android users are on the market for, including those with Google phones. This tool comes free or paid for a small one-time fee, and includes a robust selection of screen capture choices, along with screen recording, video and image editing tools, and even a GIF creation tool. You can integrate the front camera for commentary or game streaming, and share to social media too.

With AZ Screen Recorder, you will be able to add background music, export Full HD videos, and even incorporate internal sound. You will enjoy that there are no time limits, no watermarks, and no ads, giving you plenty of access without the hassles and still being a budget-friendly option. It鈥檚 a great tool for those who don鈥檛 want to spend a fortune.

路聽 Free option? Yes

路聽 Price: $2.99 for pro version

路聽 Countdown timer

路聽 Picture-in-picture

路聽 Video configuration tools

路聽 GIF creation

路聽 Social media sharing

路聽 Front camera integration

路聽 Impressive editing tools


This app is more of a presentation suite and less of a screenshot tool, but it still delivers impressive screenshots and video captures. Clarify will provide you with the opportunity to create professional-quality images while also turning those images into step-by-step guides or tutorials. You can even create documents and add the screenshots, annotate them and caption them, and more. You can also edit the videos and images that you capture.

Files can be saved as complete tutorials, or you can save the screenshots themselves. You can also export your how-to guides in Word, PDF, and HTML format. Dropbox, WordPress, and the Clarify sharing service all offer various sharing and integration options, and you can trust that even if you choose this paid tool, you鈥檒l love the price for all the features that you get.

路聽 Free option? No

路聽 Price: $14.99

路聽 How-to tools

路聽 Editing and annotations

路聽 Multiple sharing and export options

路聽 High-quality resolution

路聽 Easy integration with other tools

路聽 Multiple screen capture options


Brosix is another tool that鈥檚 not just for screenshots鈥攖his all-in-one messaging solution is focused on collaboration and teamwork, which includes an impressive screenshot and capture feature. You can take screengrabs from instant message feeds, chat rooms, the contact list, or anywhere else on the screen. Sharing is easy when you鈥檙e sharing within the app, thanks to the 鈥渟creenshot鈥 icon.

You can share and export your screenshots and videos externally, as well, including offline sharing and more. There are administrative features that will allow you to disable access or disallow screenshots for certain users, as well. The app also offers unlimited file sharing and it鈥檚 great for leaders who want to keep tabs on their teams with a collaborative solution. There's a free version for small teams and paid plans are quite affordable.

路聽 Free option? Free for a single Team Network of 3 users or fewer

路聽 Price: $4 per month, per user

路聽 Capture scrolling screens

路聽 Offline and online sharing and exporting

路聽 Remote desktop feature

路聽 Unlimited file sharing and collaboration

路聽 User activity management

路聽 Professional-quality editing tools

Screenshot Touch

Screenshot Touch is gaining more and more popularity as time goes on. It has several features that make it unique and help it stand out. The app also stays right in the notification panel on your phone so that you can capture screenshots with a single tap. You can record in mp4 format, too, including the option for custom bitrates and framerates. There's an impressive suite of editing tools, including the opportunity to draw on your shots, and even an in-app browser.

This tool also has audio and resolution editing tools, and you can save screenshots in multiple folders to keep everything organized. It's got a great rating in the Google play store and it鈥檚 one of the favorites among Android users. It makes it easy to include your status bar and even change the image format and resolution, too. Plus, it starts with a free version, although you鈥檒l need to pay a one-time fee to access all the features.

路聽 Free option? Yes

路聽 Price: $4.49 for the pro version

路聽 Editing tools

路聽 In-app browser

路聽 Format and resolution options

路聽 Mp4 screen recording

路聽 Custom folders to organize screenshots


Screenit is an app that includes a built-in photo editing tool that makes it easy for you to edit screenshots and add effects right in the app. It's free to use for the first 48 hours, but then the full features will require a premium subscription. However, it does offer Imgur upload, several other integrations, and additional editing and configuration features. It鈥檚 lightweight and one of the features that we like here is that it鈥檚 great for older Android OS devices.

Today, many people are working on older technology and struggling to integrate modern apps, but companies like this have developed tools that deliver without forgetting about the older versions and what they might need. Screenit works with Android 4.1 or later, which is not something you find in most apps on the market today.

路聽 Free option? Free trial for 48 hours, free with ads after

路聽 Price: $2.99 for premium with no ads

路聽 Easy screenshot tool

路聽 Compatible with older Google phones

路聽 Unique upload and sharing options

路聽 Integrates with other tools

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