The 10 Best Business VoIP Phone Providers for Calling & Texting


It’s difficult to think of something more essential to business success than the ability to communicate with your customers. Sure, you could rate having a high-quality product or service as more important, but even with those, if you don’t have a way to stay front of mind with your customers or clients, you’re essentially invisible. They’ll buy from your competitors, instead.

The State of Customer Communication

To shed more light on the customer communication challenge, let’s check out some eye-opening statistics. You’ll find that they highlight not only how importantit is to stay in contact with your customers or clients, but just how different the customer experience is today than it was just a few short years ago.

  • 97% of consumers report that customer service interactions (including phone calls and text messages) affect whether they will remain loyal to that brand.
  • Over 60% of consumers are happy to pay more if they’re sure they’ll have a better customer experience.
  • 60% of customers report frustration when it feels like they are communicating with different departments instead of a single company.
  • Almost 80% of customers say phone interactions are their preferred form of communication.

Obviously, communication is a critical factor when it comes to reaching and converting leads, as well as delivering the experience that today’s customers expect. Fortunately, VoIP makes it easy and affordable to keep in touch with your audience via phone and text. There are several providers out there today that offer an array of solutions and services to enhance your communications. It will be up to you to explore what’s out there and find what best suits your needs. 

Of course, you’re not alone there. We’ve got the insight and insider information to help you choose the best VoIP solution, no matter what you have in mind. The beauty of VoIP is that you’re no longer limited to physical phone lines or the quantity of those that you can handle within your company. Plus, you’ll have a lot more room for storage, and you’ll be able to set up intelligent automations that help your callers get where they need to be quicker and easier. 

There are several different types of VoIP providers out there today. Some offer full-service solutions. Others specialize in certain industries or types of companies. Then, there are those that offer the best features for certain needs. In the list below, we’ll discuss the best VoIP providers for all your calling and texting needs. 

Most of the providers in the list offer unlimited calls and SMS/MMS messaging, but some may still have metered plans available. Either way, they’re still among the best plans that you’ll find out there today. And more importantly than being the best for calling and texting, they’re our favorites because they also have the service and reputation that you deserve. 

Why VoIP

A lot of people want to know why now is the time to switch, and what VoIP offers that makes it the solution for their business communication needs. Ultimately, it means something a little different to everyone, but some of the biggest perks of VoIP include:

  • Lower costs (Businesses save an average of 50% by switching to VoIP)
  • Better accessibility (Up to 30% of employees now work remotely)
  • Total mobility
  • Scalability and customization
  • Advanced features for dynamic communication
  • Flexibility (86% of customers expect calls to shift seamlessly between channels/reps)
  • Clearer quality
  • Better storage
  • AI and automation (AI is expected to power 95% of customer interactions by 2025)

This is just a small fraction of the advantages businesses stand to gain by adopting VoIP. However, with the sheer number of options available, it can be incredibly challenging to choose the right platform. That’s where our list comes in. We’ve ranked the 10 best VoIP providers that combine calling and texting to help you save time, money, and stress.

The 10 best VoIP providers for calling and texting 

1. Google Voice

Google Voice

If you use Google, Google Voice is your first choice for VoIP solutions. It’s a free tool for a single user to make domestic calls and send domestic SMS and MMS messages. You’ll get a dedicated number to mask your actual number and can forward calls from Google Voice to your phone. Plus, you can even find features to automate certain elements.

Google Voice can become your business phone line and give you the chance to make calls from your laptop, mobile device, or desktop computer with ease. You can also send and receive texts and picture messages with a Google Voice number. For G Suite and Google power users, it’s the ideal solution. Consider key features like:

  • Price: Free for single users
  • Domestic calls and texts included
  • Call forwarding available
  • Number masking with dedicated Google Voice number
  • Integrates easily with other tools

2. Dialpad


Dialpad is one of the best all-inclusive VoIP solutions out there today. It does charge extra for group video conferencing, but when it comes to calling and texting, you’ll have everything that you need. It can even use AI to collect data from calls so that you can generate actionable insights. You can sync contacts with G Suite and Outlook, as well as integrate with other software and tools. 

Dialpad’s lower-level plans are fairly basic, but the premium plans add a lot of great features and customization options. This affordable solution also comes with plenty of support and customer service from the Dialpad team. Enjoy key features like:

  • Price: $15 per user, per month
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Integrates with Outlook, G Suite, and more
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • AI voice intelligence 

3. RingCentral


RingCentral was once the place for Internet faxing. Today, it’s a dynamic communications platform that helps anyone embrace VoIP and create a dynamic communication solution. Plus, when you pay for an annual subscription, you get a discount on the monthly rates. For just $20 per month ($30 if paid month-to-month), you’ll find cloud hosting and call routing, along with customizable features for your VoIP platform.

This app also includes AI and automation that ensures your calls get the attention that they deserve. There’s a free two-week trial so that you can try it out and the auto attendant frees you up from having to route calls manually. Plus, you can easily upgrade to a premium-level plan for less than $100 a month. And don’t forget to consider:

  • Price: $20 per month, per user (with annual billing)
  • Free 15-day trial
  • Cloud hosting 
  • Auto attendant and intelligent routing
  • AI and automation
  • Discounts for annual payments

4. GoToConnect‍


GoToConnect is a leader in VoIP solutions. They have plans available for SMBs and mid-size businesses that include unlimited calls and text messages, including SMS and MMS. Plus, the basic plan includes plenty of features, and a 14-day free trial ensures you can try it out to see if you like it before you commit. 

Call routing is included, and advanced analytics are available for a small upgrade. You can also enjoy meetings with up to 250 participants and with upgraded plans, there are more customizable options, along with unlimited attendants and more. Check out key features like:

  • Price: Available by quote only
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Unlimited calling and texting included
  • Advanced analytics and reporting are available
  • Intelligent call routing comes standard
  • Unlimited attendants and queues available with an upgrade

5. Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an add-on that Microsoft 365 users can employ when they want to get started with VoIP but have a limited budget or even just limited needs. For those businesses with fewer than 300 employees, this platform is a good one to consider. It integrates with Microsoft Teams to make internal communication seamless, too. Note: Microsoft Business Voice is only available for businesses that use Teams. It is not a standalone product.

This platform is affordable, and it provides an array of solutions for people who want a VoIP solution that’s easy to use. There are transfer and forwarding services, auto attendants, and even the ability to use the platform through desk phone systems. And it all comes with 24/7/365 support from Microsoft. Check out the highlights, like:

  • Price: Variable, based on your Teams configuration and current add-ons
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • Built-in integrations and automation
  • Easy setup and use

6. Nextiva


Nextiva starts with an impressive 30-day trial and then offers affordable pricing for the available plans. Plus, plans are chock full of features, so you won’t feel like you’re missing anything, no matter what your business needs. Every plan includes unlimited Internet faxing and free automated greetings, and you can scale the tool to your needs. 

When you choose Nextiva, you’ll enjoy automated call routing and other intelligent automation, along with plenty of customization options to ensure that you get the VoIP that you need. Plus, texting and calling are easy with VoIP through Nextiva. Consider the highlights:

  • Price: $18.95 per user, per month
  • 30-day trial 
  • Unlimited Internet faxes
  • Automated greetings included
  • Customizable platform
  • Unlimited audio available 

7. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite might not be the most familiar name on our list, but this platform is worth your consideration. You'll find a suite of prebuilt integration options (apps and software) to ensure it works with your existing technology stack. It also supports a range of hardware, including webcams and headsets. With two plans to choose from, most businesses will find an option that fits their needs and communication volume, too.

If you're looking for barebones service, opt for the basic plan (Unite Pro). However, if you want access to advanced features, such as an exchange mailbox or videoconferencing functions, we'd recommend choosing the Unite Enterprise plan.

  • Price: $27.99 per month 
  • Comes with free hardware
  • Free trial
  • Automated call routing
  • Software and app integrations
  • Analytics and monitoring

8. Ooma


Ooma is quickly becoming one of the leading providers of VoIP, offering a few different solutions for modern businesses today. You have the option to choose an Ooma device and then have free access to the basic plan or you can choose one of Ooma’s plans on your own existing devices. If you do get a device, you’ll also get 60 days to try the Premier plan. 

Ooma can integrate with Google Nest and Amazon Echo, and it includes a 30-day money-back guarantee that you’ll love your new VoIP service. You can enjoy customized reporting and voicemail transcription with select plans, and it integrates easily with all the rest of the software and tools you use. Key features include:

  • Price: $19.95 per user, per month
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Integrations with several other tools 
  • Mobile and desktop apps offered
  • Intelligent call routing and automation
  • AI-powered VoIP 
  • Unlimited calling and texting available 

9. Grasshopper


Grasshopper is great for those who want a service that’s reliable and includes all the features in a single plan. You’ll have fewer add-ons and more included solutions than most providers and there’s even a free trial so that you can get a taste of the VoIP service before you commit. You can choose from vanity or toll-free numbers or even bring your own number, too.

Intelligent call routing and an auto-attendant ensure that your customers get the direction they deserve. Grasshopper works on all desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, and with plans starting at just $26 per month for each user, it’s an affordable choice for feature-rich VoIP solutions. Don’t forget highlights like:

  • Price: $14 per month (True Solo with 1 user), $28 per month for Solo Plus with unlimited users
  • Free trial available
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Cloud-based VoIP
  • 24/7 customer service and support (US-based)
  • AI and automated features
  • Scalable plans

10. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 offers a business VoIP platform that makes staying in contact easy. In addition to the unlimited audio and texting, you’ll get video, screen sharing, HD conferencing, and a lot more. Plus, it integrates with your existing tools and offers a free solution for up to 12 users with the basic plan. Even paid plans are reasonable at less than $20 a month per user. 

The Bitrix24 VoIP platform includes file and contact syncing, along with a group chat feature that makes it easy for your internal team to communicate. Plus, it’s great for call centers and those who need to make a lot of connections because it offers such a dynamic solution. Key features of this platform include:

  • Price: Free for unlimited users and 5 GB, $49 for the Basic plan with 24 GB
  • Contact syncing and file sharing
  • Mobile applications available
  • Group chat keeps internal communications simple
  • Feature-rich CRM included

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We’ll also help you create a dynamic communications strategy to ensure that everything is covered, and we’ll take care of it all while you’re taking care of your customers. We have a full suite of solutions available to assist businesses of all kinds. 

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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