Chat Now Integrates with Lawmatics


Lawmatics is a platform “built for lawyers, by lawyers” that automates intake, marketing, and CRM, managing all your client data and interactions. Now you can receive Chat contact information and transcripts directly in your Lawmatics account. With this new integration, you won’t need to copy and paste from email into Lawmatics. New contacts will be created from chats with new web visitors, and existing contacts will be updated with transcripts from new chat interactions.

For lawyers who use Lawmatics, client intake with Chat is now easier and much more efficient. Read on to learn about setting up these platforms to improve your lead management process.

How Chat & Lawmatics Work Together

Integrating Lawmatics and Chat takes about 2 minutes. Once they’re connected, every chat conversation your web visitors have will be automatically logged in your Lawmatics account. New contacts labeled “lead” will be created from new chat conversations and existing contacts will be updated with new conversation transcripts.

Leads convert to clients more often when you personalize their experience. With immediate access to chat conversations right in your CRM, you will have context to know the person’s status, situation, and when to follow-up with them.

Lawmatics also integrates with's virtual receptionists service. Combine our services for phone calls and live chat to capture more leads and save time by managing them all within your CRM, marketing, and intake software!

How to Connect Lawmatics to Chat

These instructions assume you already have a Lawmatics account. If you don’t, go set one up at and come back here.

  1. Sign into your Lawmatics account. In a new tab, sign in to your Chat account and navigate to Integrations.
  2. Click on “Lawmatics” under “All Integrations.” Then click the button to connect.

  1. You’ll be transferred to a screen letting you know that Chat is requesting access to Lawmatics. Click “Grant Access.”

That’s it! You’ll be sent back to’s dashboard where you should see Lawmatics is now connected. All new chat conversations will appear in your Lawmatics dashboard as new contacts or new matters under existing contacts. Keep an eye on these leads and use Lawmatics to follow up and manage them.

Please note: Lawmatics and all other integrations are add-ons and will incur an additional fee. View current add-on pricing.

Find New Contacts & Matters in Lawmatics

Once connected, your chat contact info and transcripts will appear as new contacts and new contact matters in Lawmatics. Here’s how to see them:

  1. Sign into your Lawmatics dashboard. Hover over CRM in the top menu and click on “Contacts.” You will see a list of contacts organized by the date they were created. New contacts from web chat will be marked with the type “Lead.”

  1. Click on a contact to access lead information like name, phone, email. Click on “Matters” and then “Go to Matter” to access the full transcript for each chat.

Sign Up For Live Chat!

Don't have chat yet? You can capture more leads and build client trust with live web chat, staffed by our receptionists. See how well chat works for you. You can implement your Lawmatics integration immediately.

Questions? Email us at or call us from Monday - Friday between 5am – 6pm PT / 8am – 9pm ET at (650) 727-6484. We'll help you figure out how to make the most of your Live Chat/Lawmatics integration.

Looking for virtual receptionists and/or chat to integrate with another platform? Submit it here!

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