February 5, 2018

Smith.ai Now Integrates with Clio Law Firm Management Software

We at Smith.ai recognize how valuable time is to your legal practice, which is why we’re always looking for ways to save you minutes. Our new integration with Clio allows us to add and update client information in real-time so you're always in sync.

What is Clio?

Clio is law firm management software that provides a package of features designed to streamline everything for managing cases at your practice. The software organizes your clients and their cases in a user-friendly layout, making it simple to access valuable information from scheduling, documents, time-tracking, billing, and more. A dashboard provides a firm-wide view for daily activities, plus, each client is easily accessible when it comes times to retrieve important documents or create invoices.

The beauty of integrating Smith.ai into Clio is that it provides access for our virtual receptionists to plug in the information we collect. When an existing client calls in, a record of the information is input into the Clio system. If the caller is a prospective client, we create a new contact in the system with as much information as we are able to collect during the call.

How linking your Clio and Smith.ai accounts helps your legal practice

If you’re taking advantage of our live virtual receptionist service, then the post-call information that you would normally receive in a text or email is also input into the Clio system. This way, critical messages you receive while in court or at some other engagement (perhaps just golfing – we won’t tell) will still arrive via text or to your email inbox, but they will also make their way into your Clio records. 

We know that not every call is critical to an upcoming case. Call notes and summaries can be reviewed in the Clio system at a later time, plus, the daily log of calls you receive at the end of each day will allow you to decide who to call back first. Contacts on your VIP List will still ring through to your line, and we can always forward urgent calls from other callers. In most cases, we will simply schedule time for you to either call back or meet with the client.

How to connect your Smith.ai account to Clio

If you’re already a Clio customer, that’s great! Email us at support@smith.ai and we’ll send you the authorization link to associate your Smith.ai and Clio accounts.

Once you click on the link, you’ll see a screen like this. Just click “allow access” to finish the setup. That’s it!

Please note: CRM integration is an optional add-on service and will incur an extra fee. View current pricing for this and all other add-on services.

If you have additional questions or need assistance setting up your Smith.ai account in Clio, please call us at (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT to assist you.


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