vs. PATLive: Live Answering Service Comparison


Are the calls to your business becoming more than you can handle? Do you want to work with fewer interruptions? Signing up for a live answering service means gaining more productive hours in your work day. Today, we compare to PATLive virtual receptionists.

Setup Fees & Contracts


  • Free 14-day trial
  • No setup fee
  • No contract

Monthly Plans and PATLive offer a range of monthly plans depending on your call volume:

  • $285 for 30 live receptionist calls and 1 live transfer number
  • $765 for 90 live receptionist calls and 2 live transfer numbers
  • $1,950 for 300 live receptionist calls and 10 live transfer numbers
  • Custom plans available
  • 10% annual discount when paid up front


  • $60 per month (0 minutes included) + $2.34 per minute
  • $205 for 75 minutes
  • $360 for 200 minutes
  • $535 for 350 minutes
  • $825 for 600 minutes

Discussion: If the average business call is six minutes, according to Get VoIP, you are paying significantly more for a PATLive call. $205 gives you 12 calls with PATLive, whereas $285 gives you 30 calls with Because we charge per-call instead of per-minute, you will have more predictable monthly bills and can more easily calculate the cost of acquiring new customers (i.e., you know how much you paid for all calls and then how many of those calls turned into new clients).

Overage Costs

  • $10.50/call on the $285/month plan
  • $9.50/call on the $765/month plan
  • $7.50/call on the $1,950/month plan


  • $2.34 per additional minute on the $60/month plan
  • $1.82 per additional minute on the $205/month plan
  • $1.56 per minute on the $360/month plan
  • $1.40 per minute on the $535/month plan
  • $1.30 per minute on the $825/month plan

Discussion: Since you never know how long a call will actually take, wouldn't you prefer set pricing where you know exactly how much each call will cost? If you’re on PatLive’s Basic plan, a 6-minute call will cost $14.04.


The following features are offered by both and PATLive:

  • Integration with CRMs and scheduling software
  • One free CRM integration (only available on some PATLive tiers)
  • Bilingual answering services
  • Live call transfers
  • Custom call handling procedures
  • Call summaries via email and SMS
  • Lead collection
  • Payment collection
  • North America-based receptionists
  • 24/7 live call answering
  • Appointment scheduling (Only available on some PATLive tiers) has the following additional features:

PATLive offers the following additional features:

  • Bilingual answering service available for an extra $20/month
  • Mobile app

Discussion: and PATLive offer many similar features. However,'s ability to make outbound calls, qualify leads, log new client information, and map incoming callers to client data means our virtual receptionists are able to handle a wider range of services, more fully replacing the duties of an in-house receptionist. Many features are only available on the higher-tier PATLive plans. With, all features can be added to any plan, so you only pay for what you need.


When comparing live answering services, it's important to pay careful attention to the details and features that will have the greatest impact on your business. If you're paying per-minute and your receptionists are spending time with spam calls, wrong numbers, and salespeople pitching the latest advertising product, those are wasted dollars. And if you're running a marketing campaign that's making your phone ring, but your receptionists can't qualify whether they're a good match for your business, it makes no difference if they've successfully booked time for the new client on your calendar. In fact, it's wasteful if that appointment slot could have been filled by a more qualified lead.

Smith Client Testimonial

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what a satisfied client of ours had to say:

“I've been using for a few months and I highly recommend them. The service is fantastic and I can't believe the value for money. 10 out of 10.”

- Caemin O’Connor, Karus Chains

One Last Word

We created the logo in 2015, and then in 2016, PATLive stole it, and put it on their website. We can't make this stuff up! Take a look:

Thankfully, it has now been removed from their site. But this doesn't show good character. If they were comfortable with stealing our logo, what other poor judgments will they make? When you hire an answering service, you're trusting them to represent your business. At, you can rest assured your brand and values are in good hands.

Learn More About virtual receptionists are trained to learn your business and build a relationship with your customers, just like an in-house receptionist. Discuss your options with us by signing up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

Virtual Receptionists Comparison
Written by Angie Wilson

As a freelance content strategist, Angie Wilson has contributed a number of articles to

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