vs. Moneypenny: Live Answering Service Comparison

Angie Wilson

Setup Fees, Trials, & Contracts


  • No setup fee
  • One week free trial
  • Month-to-month after a three-month contract

Discussion: Both and Moneypenny offer free setup and month-to-month services. Moneypenny only offers one week from their free trial. allows you to try our service for up to two weeks (or 20 calls) before making a commitment, which is twice as long. It can be difficult to understand the quality of the services you receive in just one week, and if that week happens to have very low call volume, you really can't make adjustments to get your receptionist service up to the quality you are looking for.'s 14 day free trial allows you to spend two full weeks working with our company and watching the response from your callers. Additionally, you can start and stop service at any time, whereas Moneypenny requires a minimum of a three-month contract, plus a month's notice if you choose not to renew. Why be stuck with fees for another month if you've already decided the service isn't paying off?

Monthly Plans and Moneypenny offer monthly plans depending on your call volume.

  • $140 for 20 live receptionist calls and 1 live transfer number
  • $300 for 50 live receptionist calls and 2 live transfer numbers
  • $600 for 120 live receptionist calls and 5 live transfer numbers
  • Custom plans available
  • 15% annual discount when paid up front


  • $140 plan for 30 calls
  • $260 plan for 90 calls
  • $395 plan for 150 calls
  • Custom plans available

Moneypenny does not advertise most of their pricing online. Inquire to learn more about higher-tier and customizable plans.

Discussion: offers a lower entry price for the cheapest plan. At Moneypenny, it takes $75 just to get off the ground, and then you're locked into a three-month contract thereafter.

Overage Costs

  • $7/call on the $140/month plan
  • $6/call on the $300/month plan
  • $5/call on the $600/month plan


  • $2.50 per call for the $140 plan
  • Call to ask for other plans.

Inquire with Moneypenny to learn more about their overage fees for their other plans; overage costs are not available online.

Discussion: and Moneypenny both charge per call. However, Moneypenny requires you to contact them for the monthly fees or overage costs based on your estimated call volume. With, we feel strongly about transparent pricing and list everything on our website. Overage costs may differ from business to business with Moneypenny.

Features and Moneypenny both offer the following features:

  • 24/7 live call and webchat answering
  • Live call transfers
  • Daily call reports
  • After-hours voicemail offers the following additional features:

Moneypenny offers the following additional features:

  • Phone app to update status and look at call data
  • Status set by GPS location

Discussion: Both companies offer similar features when it comes to live call answering. However, offers more customization for lead capture and qualification. Also, rotates it's calls among many receptionists rather than assigning four dedicated receptionists to your business as Moneypenny does. builds out all call handling instructions for each business so that anyone on our team can handle your calls professionally and thoroughly. Having our full team available and not just a few receptionists means we're never short-handed for your calls, and can quickly grow as your business starts receiving more calls. 

Moreover, offers outbound calls where our receptionists reach out to your potential and existing clients to share or gather information. We can call with appointment reminders, service availability or rate changes, work status updates, and much more. If you're debating between the $150 plan at and the $140 plan at Moneypenny (both include 30 calls), for just $10 more per month (the cost of one lunch), you can get access to this outbound calling feature and many other features that only offers. 


With an entry-level plan that's over 50% more expensive than's basic plan, Moneypenny isn't the most affordable option for businesses looking to get an extra hand. And while their per-call prices are lower than's, it comes at a steep cost: they offer hardly any features. A virtual receptionist is only the equivalent of an in-house receptionist if they can take on all the receptionist duties during office hours. At, we'll make your outbound calls, appointment reminders, relay messages to existing clients and business partners, complete new client intake forms that pass directly into your CRM, schedule appointments directly on your preferred calendaring software, and much more. We can even answer basic questions about your business, freeing you and your team for more critical tasks. Sure, the per-call pricing is higher with, but that's because with us, the virtual receptionists can handle a much wider range of duties on each call. Client Testimonial virtual receptionists are a great fit for any small- to medium-size business or independent professional, but don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of our long-time clients had to say:

“I started using Smith when my paralegal/receptionist suffered a disabling injury. They are very, very helpful folks who do their job well. They have a really good method for handling legal clients without me having to provide training and are great at getting me good basic information before I return a phone call. They are also very polite, and my clients compliment how warm they are to them. At this time, I won't have to replace my paralegal/receptionist, and I have better phone coverage than before.”

- Devon Slovensky, Virginia Nonprofit Law Center, P.C.

Learn More About virtual receptionists are trained to learn your business and build a relationship with your customers. Discuss your options with us by calling (650) 727-6484 Monday through Friday between 5am – 6pm PT. You can also reach us by email at Signing up for our 30-day/10-call free trial is a great way to get started.

It’s no longer necessary to pay an in-house receptionist, because virtual receptionists allow for more flexibility at a far lower price. But how do you choose the right live answering service? Today, we set head-to-head with Moneypenny.

Angie Wilson

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