December 15, 2015

Which Call Answering Solution Will You Choose?

At Smith, we love options! Not just because they keep our engineers busy, but because they allow us to build the perfect solution for our Pros. Since we’ve launched, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to build a variety of customizations to meet some unique call answering needs. Because the list just keeps growing, here is where you can go to find them all:

Live Transferring

One of our early customizations was the ability to live transfer calls.  Known by some as a “warm phone call transfer”, this feature let our pros decide who they wanted to talk to and at what times. The feature was so popular that we added two additional customizations:

  • Live Transfers with Caller Screening.  Want to know who is calling first? Our receptionists will notify you of your caller before we transfer your call, giving you the ability to accept or decline a call.
  • Live Transfer to Multiple Users.  Need more than one person to answer the phone? Use this feature if you would like our receptionists to transfer calls to multiple people in your business.
  • Send Caller to Voicemail. Sometimes callers prefer to go directly to voicemail. Choose this customization to bypass our agents and receive fully recorded voicemails instead.


As indicated by our release of instant email messaging (in comparison to SMS), our Pros like to be notified of their calls in a variety of ways. Instant text messaging typically is best, but in some situations, an email works better. Since then, we’ve optimized our notifications further to meet even more of your needs. With our new Voicemail to MMS feature, you can select from a variety of after hours notification options including:

  • Weekend Notifications  Choose to have your calls automatically forwarded to your phone over the weekend so that you can answer them or receive an SMS for missed calls and MMS messages for voicemails.
  • Weekday Evening Notifications   Choose from our standard option of calling back clients the next business day, or receive SMS notifications for missed calls and MMS notifications for voicemails.

Whichever way you choose, your clients call the same Smith number, and you never miss an important call.

CRM Solutions

One of the earliest goals of Smith is to help busy professionals make more money. We continue to do this with a variety of options to fit your needs. We’ve listened to our Pros to set up solutions that:

  • Collect customer information for use in CRM software
  • Collect product information from callers for e-commerce based sites
  • Automatically prevent Spam Callers from making it on your list

We’re growing with our Pros to build call answering customizations that help them do better business. When your situation doesn’t quite fit into a box, we are ready to build!

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