What Is a Click Funnel?


If you are going to create an effective sales strategy, you have to understand the customer journey from start to finish. You also have to make sure that your sales methodologies align with that journey and can help you create the path that you want your prospects to take as they go from lead to customer.

Click funnels are one of the tools that you can use to convert buyers. Like sales funnels, they start with a broader-reaching audience and then trickle down through the prospects until only the most relevant leads are left. However, their uses and designs are a bit different. Essentially, a click funnel can be a more targeted effort that is part of a company’s larger sales funnel and sales strategy. 

Here's what you need to know.

How click funnels work 

According to marketing experts, a click funnel is comprised of a series of pages that ultimately lead a prospect to a conversion event. They can enter this funnel through:

  • Social media posts
  • Email links
  • Paid search ads 
  • Other “clickable” media 

Once in the funnel, they will arrive at a specific landing page that depicts the product or service they’re interested in. From there, your leads will have the opportunity to click through other pages of upsells and add-ons, and eventually, they will reach the final conversion page. 

The other important thing to remember with a click funnel is that a conversion doesn’t necessarily have to be a purchase transaction. It could be getting leads to sign up for a newsletter or download a whitepaper your company published. The idea is that as people move through this funnel, they will have fewer things to click on along the way. The landing page might start with 10 items, but your product page might only have five. Then, you get to the final stage of the funnel and there’s only one option left: convert. 

You can’t just blindly create click funnels with no option but to continue—people will always have the option to navigate away and head to the competition. You will also need to persuade them along the steps of the journey to reassure them that they’re making the right moves in progressing through the funnel. 

How to create a click funnel 

The process of creating click funnels is really not that difficult. Starting with your landing page, you’ll want to make sure that you craft a unique, persuasive message that tells your prospects they’ve arrived at the right place. At the same time, you’ll also want to make sure that your website lends itself to the optimal sales funnel. This ensures that if people end up elsewhere on your website, they’ll eventually find their way back to the click funnel. 

The next step is to generate leads to move toward your click funnel. Leads can be potential customers of any kind. You can categorize leads based on things like demographics or focus on catering to those who have specifically taken an action or expressed interest. Once the leads start coming, you’ll also need to make sure that your sales team is ready to nurture them along in the process. 

Nurturing leads is sometimes known as targeted marketing. It’s all about helping guide your lead to the landing page and then further along in their journey. Once you’ve gotten their interest in a product or service, it’s time to present them with opportunities to upgrade or add to their purchase. Suggest upgrading basic plans, purchasing a “pro” model instead of the standard version, etc. 

Essentially, you’re going to present them with a better, higher-priced version of something they already want or need. This allows them to feel more valued and helps you earn higher revenues. Instead of the choice to buy or not, they’re now presented with which to buy, which always comes out in your favor. 

Analyze feedback and course correct as needed 

The other great thing about click funnels is that they give you real-time insights about your customer journey and the actual funnel experience. This allows you to make changes to your click funnels or reconsider how you approach the process based on customer input. After all, your entire goal is to give them what they want, so why not use their feedback to do exactly that?

Let’s say that a customer is searching for a cloud SaaS service. They click on a link from a paid search that takes them to a landing page for a leading SaaS provider. However, once they arrive, they can’t easily navigate to the product page, so they end up navigating away from the site entirely and going elsewhere. 

In this situation, the SaaS provider would want to revisit their landing page design and make sure that all the steps in the click funnel are easily identifiable so that prospects can find their way. This may take some trial and error, but once you perfect it, your click traffic will become much more valuable. 

Click funnel example 

To provide you with a better idea of how to implement your own click funnels, here’s a start-to-finish example of how they should work. 

  1. A prospect searches for vacuums. They click on a link that leads them to a landing page with a selection of eco-friendly and powerful options. 
  2. They click on a category page link, which leads them to a page of product listings. 
  3. They click on a specific vacuum and start reading the specs. 
  4. They see an upgraded model for about 20% more, so they click on it. 
  5. They choose that model and put it in the cart. 
  6. A series of additional items are suggested with the cart addition. 
  7. They make their final selections and proceed to the checkout. 
  8. They complete the checkout process. 

If your click funnels work, you’ll need more support for leads

While you’re building and mastering click funnels, who’s following up with the leads you find? Partner with Smith.ai and you’ll get a 24/7 answering service along with a team of dedicated virtual receptionists to handle outreach campaigns, lead intake, and more. Schedule a consultation to learn more or reach out to hello@smith.ai.  

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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