August 9, 2018

WEBINAR: How to Make the Most of with Clio

Earlier today, and Clio co-hosted a webinar to discuss the benefits of integrating our virtual receptionists with their legal practice management software, as well as tips for running a more productive and professional law firm by outsourcing non-lawyering tasks like lead qualification and appointment booking.

If you missed it, not to worry! You can watch the full webinar here anytime you wish:

Watch the Clio & Integration Webinar (Note: This is a shared Google Drive file, downloading is not required; it is about 41 minutes long.)

Webinar highlights include tips for:

  • Streamlining lead capture & qualification
  • Automating client intake, scheduling & payments
  • Monetizing “bad” leads through systematic referrals
  • Managing overflow, VIP, spam & sales calls with smart call routing

Check it out if you're thinking of integrating and Clio, or are just looking for some tips on efficient processes!

Questions? We're here to help.

If you're looking for specific directions to connect your and Clio accounts, please follow the directions here.

If you're seeking advice or best-practice tips for integrating's receptionists into your law practice in general, please contact us Monday through Friday from 5am – 6pm PT by phone at (650) 727-6484 or by email at We're here to help you convert leads, keep clients happy, and achieve better work/life balance!

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