Top 10 CRMs for Hiring & Staffing Companies: Free and Paid Tools to Streamline Scheduling, Recruiting, Talent Management, and More


Today’s employment industry is more competitive than ever. As your organization struggles to keep pace, finding the right tools can make all the difference. Of course, as a staffing or hiring agency, what is your number one focus? Your candidates. Much like a business and its customers, you are nothing without your talented pool of candidates and the means with which to manage them effectively.

The solution, of course, is readily available. Modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms are designed to provide feature-rich solutions to manage candidate activities and keep an eye on client relationships. There is a diverse selection available today, of course, so how are you to choose the right fit?

Like any business, you have your own specific concerns and needs. Fortunately, the available CRM platforms have an array of features and customizable options. For all the variables, of course, there are also plenty of similarities that you’ll find across all platforms, and these are the most important factors that should be on your list. 

Having access to features like predictive intelligence, AI and automation, and user-friendly tools that allow you to manage your staffing and hiring operations in a secure, cloud-based, and scalable environment is going to revolutionize the way you do business. (And when you add your CRM integration to the scheduling and intake services of the virtual receptionists at, you’ll only further the revolution.)

We’ve taken the time to investigate the best solutions on the market today. We’ve checked out the features, the costs, and even some of the free tools that are out there to compare what they offer and how they rate. Take the time to review our top 10 picks below, and then contact us to discuss how can take your efficiency one step further with dedicated messaging services to connect with your candidates and clients via social, live chat, and even SMS text answering. 

Avature logo

1. Avature

Avature offers a recruiting CRM, along with an enterprise SaaS solution for talent management and global talent acquisition. The brand brings an innovative solution for recruiting with buildable, scalable platforms for all. 

Although Avature is sold primarily as a Human Capital Management solution, it features a robust CRM platform that is solution-oriented and helps organizations identify and attract the best talent, hire and develop them, and retain them for the long-term. 

The tool is ideal for those who need to manage larger pools of candidates and who need a more dynamic CRM that offers customization and scalability. The balance of the easy integration and the powerful configurations available are what attract most recruiting and staffing professionals. 

Here are some features of Avature that are worth noting:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Starting at $225/user per month
  • Custom build features and options
  • Integrated talent management and acquisition platform
  • Video Interviewing 
  • Employee Social Hub 
  • Contingent workforce management tools
Daylite logo

2. Daylite

Another CRM solution for staffing, Daylite is designed to supercharge your productivity and make it easy to share clients, projects, and candidates in a single place. The platform includes native apps for iOS and is designed specifically to cater to those who are looking to get rid of all of the integrations. 

Daylite believes that while integration is great, having all the tools in one platform is better. This program allows you to stay on top of client and candidate communications in a single place. Plus, you’ll be able to access task management tools, document management, and more. 

Daylite customers report as much as 95% improvement in productivity and organization, and a 30-day trial is available for those who are interested, but unsure of whether it’s actually what they need. Plus, the platform offers scalability and customization where it counts. 

The key features of this platform include:

  • Free option? No, but a trial is available
  • Price: $24 per month, per user
  • Calendars and reminders integrated into the app
  • Email templates make email communications easy
  • File and document management that is secure 
  • Applicant tracking and candidate management tools that can be customized 
EntireRecruit logo

3. Entire Recruit

The Entire Recruit platform is a talent management suite based in the cloud, designed to solve all kinds of typical issues encountered by staffing firms and recruiting agencies. The robust application includes native mobile apps for real-time access to everything you need. 

Entire Recruit has proven to reduce repetitive tasks and manual efforts by as much as 75%, through the use of automation and AI, along with a more dynamic CRM database for total client and candidate management. 

This platform offers more than 100 built-in automations for candidate portals, digital reference checking, Outlook email integration, SMS notification, contact tracking, and more. Although it has a lot to offer, the automation features are what set this CRM solution apart from the rest. Of course, the fact that it includes other operational tools doesn’t hurt. 

Some of the highlights of Entire Recruit include:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Starts at $69 per user
  • 100+ built-in automations ready to go out-of-the-box
  • Handles end-to-end recruitment and hiring solutions
  • Mobile apps include access to scheduling, onboarding, the user-friendly CRM, and more
  • Automates many tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Custom, scalable builds available
AkkenCloud logo

4. AkkenCloud

AkkenCloud is a dedicated staffing solution that is focused on improving efficiency in placement, customer and client retention, and talent management. This cloud-based software offers multi-tenant access and integrated front, back, and intraoffice operations. 

The AkkenCloud CRM offers social media communications and management, along with native mobile access to allow staffers and HR professionals to access the system from any device in any location. Premium security ensures client and candidate information is confidential and secure at all times, as well. 

This CRM is scalable and can automate back-office functions like payroll and billing while streamlining your front office operations with a powerful CRM and applicant tracking system (ATS). 

For those considering this platform, here are the key features to note:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Subscription-based, private quote
  • Integrated CRM, AST, and other solutions
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Robust AkkuSearch database search to leverage candidates effectively
Bullhorn logo

5. Bullhorn CRM

Bullhorn CRM is more than just the average CRM. Designed specifically for recruiting and staffing, this platform includes a robust applicant tracking system and social recruiting tools to maximize productivity and client sourcing. 

In addition to the ATS and CRM solutions, Bullhorn also offers a marketplace, back-office function, and marketing tool that can help increase the reach of your staffing firm in various ways. Each platform can be used separately or the entire Bullhorn suite can be implemented. 

The CRM includes a rich applicant database, client management tools, and detailed analytics and reporting that will help you identify and fix inefficiencies. Automation takes care of redundant tasks and AI ensures that things are operating as efficiently as possible. 

The key aspects of Bullhorn CRM to know include:

  • Free option? No, but a free trial is offered
  • Price: $99 per user, per month starting
  • 14 years of experience in recruiting software development
  • Customizable applicant tracking system
  • Client management tools with personalized communications 
  • Detailed search features to source the right candidates every time
Salesforce logo

6. Salesforce

Salesforce is a leader in CRM and other technology that can help improve the virtual operations of the modern business. For recruiters and staffers, the Salesforce brand deserves a place on the list. 

Ranked as the #1 CRM worldwide, Salesforce has a user-friendly interface and tools like individual client tracking, scheduling, and calendar tracking, status updates, and more. Mobile apps are available so that the platform can be used on any device, as well. 

Salesforce is focused on helping improve brand image and the bottom line at once. Valuable data insights and seamless integrations make customer management easier than ever before. 

Salesforce offers impressive features, including:

  • Free option? No, but there is a free trial
  • Price: Starts at $25 per month
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Opportunity management tools to improve candidate sourcing
  • Integrated forecasting and workflows
  • End-to-end organization management for clients, candidates, operations, and more
Oracle NetSuite logo

7. Oracle NetSuite CRM

NetSuite by Oracle is a scalable, customizable CRM solution that can be used in about any industry, including staffing and recruiting. In fact, the focus on things like sales tracking and customer management that can be translated to client management and candidate tracking can make this one of the best non-specific industry solutions. 

Plus, it’s from Oracle, a leader in dynamic, user-friendly software solutions. This cloud-based CRM includes a dashboard that is rated as one of the best in the industry. It also offers versatility but still has the focus in its tools, making it an ideal choice for many. 

This platform offers a 360-degree view of candidates and clients, seamlessly integrating all aspects of your recruiting operation. 

The features to note with Oracle NetSuite CRM are:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: $99 per user, per month
  • End-to-end recruiting lifecycle management
  • Real-time analytics and insights
  • Applicant sourcing and tracking tools
Zapier logo

8. Zapier

Zapier is a unique platform that is less of a CRM itself and more of an integrated tool that allows you to manage the rest of your tech stack. Zapier is on the list because of its convenience and accessible tools that make every aspect of recruiting easier. 

Using the platform, you can send “zaps” to yourself as reminders, or have notifications sent when certain activities or actions take place. This allows you to stay up to date on every step of the applicant or candidate journey, ensure that clients are satisfied, and more. 

Zapier is an automation tool, but it’s one that you can’t live without. You can create workflows that suit your business, change them, make triggers, and more. This gives you more free time and makes sure your operations are streamlined in every way possible. 

The highlights of Zapier include:

  • Free option? Yes
  • Price: Paid plans starting at $19.99 per month
  • Automated triggers that start a “zap”
  • Secure data transfers and cloud-based access
  • Integration with hundreds of apps and software tools
  • Prebuilt workflows available 
HubSpot logo

9. HubSpot CRM

As a leading free resource for CRM and other solutions, HubSpot almost always makes the list. They have dedicated resources for a wide selection of industries. Staffing and recruiting firms will love the cloud-based scalability and social focus. 

HubSpot CRM does have paid plans for those who want premium features that go the extra mile. However, this CRM delivers plenty of capability without the cost: robust analytics, integrated contact management, seamless interdepartmental communication, and more. 

This CRM platform offers easy lead management tools that include interaction tracking features, document management, workflow automation, and more. It might not be customized for the staffing industry, but it certainly has what you need. 

Some of the best features of HubSpot CRM include:

  • Free option? Yes
  • Price: Free, with paid plans offered 
  • Totally free CRM that doesn’t skip out on any essentials 
  • Scalable, cloud-based platform with dedicated marketing solutions 
  • Pipeline management for end-to-end staffing and hiring management
Jobvite logo

10. Jobvite

Jobvite switched its focus solely to recruiting software in 2006 and since has developed one of the best basic HR CRM solutions available. The analytics-driven platform is comprehensively designed to cover all of the important areas for staffing and hiring agencies. 

It begins with a robust candidate CRM tool that features social recruiting capabilities, branding solutions, onboarding tools, mobile-optimized branded sites, and a simplified, user-friendly applicant tracking system (ATS). Jobvite also has on-demand video screening services, advanced analytics, and it integrates seamlessly with other systems and solutions in your tech stack. 

Jobvite offers a Talent Acquisition Suite and a Talemetry Recruitment Marketing Suite, the latter of which includes the CRM, ATS, and intelligent messaging services. Both solutions can be used independently or integrated for seamless management from sourcing to self-service for employees and beyond. 

The key features of note with Jobvite include:

  • Free option? No
  • Price: Starting around $500 per month
  • Job description evaluator to help improve listings
  • Advanced search features in talent pool database
  • Effortless broadcasting of job postings across multiple boards
  • Build personalized campaigns to create engaged talent and employees

Take your staffing firm into the digital age with 

All of the CRM platforms discussed above no doubt offer an array of services and solutions tailored to streamline and increase efficiencies across your entire firm or organization. However, when you partner with the team at, we can help you take that efficiency even further. With the assistance of our virtual receptionists and 24/7 messaging services, your staffing agency or recruiting firm will have the tools to minimize redundancies, eliminate inefficiencies, and create a better candidate experience at the same time. 

Ready to go all-in with your tech stack and integrated staffing and hiring CRM solutions? You can give us a call at (650) 727-6484, or send a message to Let us know how we can help take your recruiting or staffing company into the future with our software integrations, virtual receptionists and messaging services, and more. Check out just how much we offer and get pricing details at our Plans and Pricing page, as well.

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