Too Busy at Your Law Firm? Let Your Website Technology Help You


We’ve all been there. You have more work than you know what to do with. Then, you get hit up about some new tool to help your business. Not only do you not have time to listen to the pitch, but you wouldn’t be able to intake the leads that this new service could potentially provide.

But wait. What if this new service could help with the pain point causing you to pass it up? What if it saved you time - and money? 

A website built correctly and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) should bring in organic traffic, even without additional marketing efforts. Shying away from getting a quality website because you don’t want the additional traffic, and subsequent leads, is a mistake. 

Why you should invest in a quality website

Brand perception 

Too many attorneys consider their website as something that needs to exist — nothing more. But navigating to these sites shows how little they care. The appearance of the website directly impacts how a potential client perceives your law firm. If it’s barely readable on mobile, loads slowly, isn’t HTTPS-enabled, has pixelated images, and has an overall poor design and user experience (UX); you’ll get passed by.

Personal connection

In addition to the damage to your brand a poor site inflicts, if you aren’t featuring yourself and your team in a personal manner, the only reason you think you need a website is also moot. Potential clients are going to check you out online before calling or contacting you through your business site. If you aren’t offering a welcoming feel or don’t have photos of you and your team, they will move on to your competitors. 

Web leads are good leads

This brings us to our main point. In addition to extending your brand identity to the website through quality web design, your website can bring you leads — and good ones at that. Even if you have great referral and lead buying procedures, you shouldn’t discount what your website can generate for you in terms of new leads. If done right, your website can be your highest converting lead source. 

This gets us back to our main issue. You don’t have time for web leads. Here’s where setting up your website the right way starts to save you time — and money. 

Remember that website that you only set up because you had to? Well, it’s no doubt bringing in some leads whether you like it or not. But they may not be relevant to you, hence your hesitation to have your website start to be found in an online search.

With the help of the right tools, you can have your website bringing in better leads that take less of your time. That’s where the better revenue piece comes into play. Let’s take a look at how it’s done. 

Improve your website’s inbound lead quality

Once you invest in a website worthy of your brand, you will be bringing in more organic traffic. Of course, you can invest in SEO services beyond just the site to increase that traffic number even more. Paid search to your website is also an option to make the most out of your digital investment. 

Now that you have the traffic (and potentially marketing efforts) going, you’ll start seeing more leads. And once you start qualifying these leads and taking the intake process off of your plate, the website tools begin to do all the work. Let’s take a look at how that can function. 

Enhanced forms

If you have a typical form, you can expect typical results. Forms that simply ask for name, email, and case details will attract a lot of leads that you probably don’t want. A solution is a tool like Civille Law Forms, customized to your needs as a business. Ask qualifying questions to lead potential customers through the process, and they become either good, qualified leads or bad leads. You can then either have the bad leads referred elsewhere or refer them yourself if you choose. Bonus: these types of multi-step forms also have shown to produce a higher conversion rate!

Enhanced chat tools

These days, people want to chat. Instead of having your chat tool take all the information and send it to you — creating more follow-up — have the tool qualify the leads for you. This can be done through AI with a process similar to an enhanced form, or you can utilize a live chat agent that qualifies leads for you. Similar to the above, you can then choose to only take the leads that pass your criteria. 

Call answering service

With a live call answering service, you won’t be inundated with having to answer calls or potentially miss calls from high-potential leads. This is the third piece of the puzzle for your web tech when it comes to your lead qualification process. You can also either warm-transfer qualified leads to your team or have them marked as priority qualified leads, just like the enhanced form and enhanced chat tools. 

Putting your website tech to work

Putting your website technology to work for your law firm means there is no such thing as being too busy for a quality web presence. Encouraging potential clients to interact with you online is a great way to get more high-potential clients. And by qualifying leads through your website and marketing channels, you don’t have to worry about additional website traffic and interactions creating more work for you. 

So, how do you make this happen? The first suggestion would be to invest in a website with a law firm website company that understands how to feature your brand and acquire quality traffic. But even if you aren’t in a position to change your business site right now, you can add forms, chat, and call service tools to your current site. Traffic acquisition might not be as substantial as with a high-quality site, but you will still solve the lead intake and management issue. 

Being busy is a good thing. But optimizing your time through website technology and increasing your law firm’s revenue at the same time is the best thing.

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Written by Wes Lungwitz

Wes Lungwitz is the Managing Partner at Civille, a digital tech company for law firms. He has worked in the digital space for over a decade, specializing in SEO and content marketing. 

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