Why Smith.ai Gives You Access to All Receptionists, Not a Dedicated Team


Each live answering service is different, offering various features to benefit the business owner. Smith.ai, however, gives you the best quality for your buck because we train each and every member of our team to handle your calls. Find out why it’s better to have access to every receptionist at Smith.ai, as opposed to a single dedicated receptionist or a dedicated team.

Our full team of virtual receptionists vs. dedicated agents

Some other virtual receptionist services, like Gabbyville and Moneypenny, use dedicated receptionist teams (of two to five people) for their clients. Some companies offer individual virtual assistants or receptionists. This means only a handful of people, at most, know how to best handle your calls.

Smith.ai is different — and we believe, better — than both of these options. We train each of our virtual receptionists and equip them with crucial information about your business. This way, anyone on the team is fully capable of handling your calls. This allows our team to answer your calls 24/7.

What our team learns about you

Our receptionists dedicate time each day to read about our customers and learn their businesses. It's dedicated study time that they spend to learn more about you. Team members take the time to learn everything about your business, including:

  • Areas of practice (e.g., family law vs. criminal law)

  • Locations of practice (e.g., office locations, counties practiced in, distance willing to travel for customers)
  • New client intake questions

  • Information to collect and qualify leads

  • Hours of operation and your busiest times of the day/week

  • Anything else you need them to know about handling customer calls

This information empowers our virtual receptionists to handle calls more confidently, and it means they don’t have to rely on scripts like other live answering services (though of course we will script the initial greeting based on your preferences). They have all they need to answer calls and customer concerns on their own, so there is a natural flow to each conversation they have with your callers, and not something that sounds robotic.

Smarter receptionists with artificial intelligence

The "ai" in "Smith.ai" is there for a reason. It means "artificial intelligence" and how it's used in this context is important to understanding the level of care and service you can expect from your receptionists. With our proprietary software, we present the information to the receptionist at the right time as each call progresses.

If they're speaking with a new caller, we present the FAQ, lead intake questions, and even the new client intake form; if they're speaking with an existing client, we present their name so our receptionist can greet them personally with the same care an in-house receptionist would take. If the receptionist needs to book an appointment, they'll see your calendar and availability.

There are myriad examples of how the receptionists are presented with the right information at exactly the right moment, so they can use this information to make progress on the call. 

Why you should work with a full team of virtual receptionists

Working with a full team of virtual receptionists means it's incredibly easy for us to scale up with you as your business grows. For example, say you started running a new marketing campaign or opened a new office. Or maybe it's tax season, and as an accountant, you have a major increase in call volume.

At Smith.ai, we can handle this instantly, since all our receptionists are provided with the information they need to represent your business. On the other hand, if you have a dedicated team of only a few receptionists, you'll need to wait for someone to get trained (and before that, you'll have to remember to give your receptionist service the heads up and ask them to train someone new). Or, even worse, your callers will be placed on hold or sent to voicemail if no one is equipped to handle your callers. With Smith.ai, you don't even have to notify us that your call volume will be increasing — it's one less thing for you to think about.

Try Smith.ai Receptionists For Free

Here at Smith.ai, we strive to provide our clients with the highest-quality, most professional, and friendly virtual receptionists. We’d love to learn more about you, your business, and how we can help you qualify leads and delight your customers. To learn more about our virtual receptionist services, sign up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Angie Wilson

As a freelance content strategist, Angie Wilson has contributed a number of articles to Smith.ai.

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