Strengthens Zapier Integration with Outbound Call Actions

2022-08-02’s commitment to automation, integrations, and streamlining business processes to save you time is one of many ways we stand above the competition. Today, we’re excited to announce two new actions that can be part of a Zap. 

If you're not familiar with Zapier, it's an online tool to create integrations and workflows without code or API knowledge. 

Back in April 2021, we released our first public Zaps for calls and chats. Those Zaps focused on bringing data from into your business systems like your CRM, intake software, email marketing tool, and more. 

Today's update unlocks the ability to push data into's system, for seamless outbound calls to your leads and clients. The two new “Call Someone” actions will initiate a receptionist to place a call on your behalf. There are two actions, and the one you choose to use will depend on whether your calls will be associated with an Outreach Campaigns account or a Virtual Receptionist one.

Call Someone (for use with Outreach Campaign plans)

Timely follow-up is essential in today’s businesses and marketing. Convert your warm leads before they go cold by automatically initiating an Outreach Campaign call from from your CRM, ad platform, website form, marketing software, or other tool. 

You're utilizing Outreach Campaigns to offload part of the lead conversion funnel. Now offload updating your Outreach Campaign recipient list using Zapier. 

Connect any app on Zapier to’s Outreach Campaigns. Then, our agents will call anytime the Zap triggers — following your Outreach Campaign call cadence and messaging. 

The most common use case here will be after a web form is completed (see below for a few other popular scenarios). 

Consider this: A lead just completed your online contact form and you want an outbound call made to them immediately, as part of your ongoing Outreach Campaign focused on rapid follow-up with new leads. 

Set the form submission as the trigger and the Call Someone Zap as the action, and will automatically capture the new lead, add them to the Outreach Campaign recipient list, and initiate an outbound call by one of our professional receptionists. They’ll follow your Campaign instructions, carrying out the cadence and messaging you’ve set.

Try these templates using the new Call Someone Zap for Outreach Campaign plans:

Call Someone (for use with Virtual Receptionist plans) clients have long been able to request an outbound customer call-back via the client dashboard and call summary. You can reach customers even faster by automatically initiating an outbound Virtual Receptionist call using this powerful Zap action. This action queues an outbound call request with the name, phone number, email address, specific call instructions, fall-back guidance if they don’t answer our call, language (e.g., if a Spanish-speaking agent is needed), and time to call. 

Use Zapier to add recipients to the call queue to handle a variety of admin tasks. Simply determine your trigger (such as a payment failure or subscription change) and we’ll do the rest. Since our agents are already familiar with your business and call handling instructions, we will take care of calling, qualifying, payment collection, appointment reminders, and appointment booking — while you take care of your business. 

Try these templates using the new Call Someone Zap for Virtual Receptionist plans:

Start Automating Your Follow-Up Calls Today

Ready to see it in action? Getting started with Zapier is easy! First, reach out to to request your API key and confirm you agree to any add-on charges (the first CRM integration is free for all clients!) After receiving your API key, follow our guide on how to connect to Zapier.

Outbound Calling
Written by Jessica Paxton
Jessica Paxton is the Product Marketing Manager at

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