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While a call summary from receptionists provides a high-level overview of a call, sometimes a complete audio recording and text transcription are desired. For those scenarios, now offers call recording, transcription, and the ability to search call transcripts from your dashboard.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Call recording: Automatically record inbound and outbound calls handled by Listen to and download recordings from your dashboard.

  • Call transcription: Read entire conversations of calls handled by, transcribed with speaker identification.
  • Searchable call transcripts: Find a single call or set of calls instantly when you search for a name, phone number, word, or phrase.

How does call recording and transcription work?

Call recording and transcription is simple. We can break it down into two easy steps:

  1. Once enabled, all calls handled by are automatically recorded from beginning to end.
  2. After a call ends, a complete audio recording and written transcript of the call are added to the call details, accessible in your dashboard.

That’s it! All you have to do is enable it in your settings, and you’re done. Your calls will be recorded, transcribed, and stored on your dashboard from then on out. 

Interested in taking a deeper dive into’s call recording and transcription? Read our help article.

What are the benefits of call recording and transcription?

As technology has advanced over the years, call recording and transcription has become an indispensable tool for companies across all industries to improve client communications, strengthen sales and marketing efforts, and so much more. Among these, using recording and transcribing your calls can allow your business to:

Obtain Powerful Insights

Call recordings give you the rare opportunity to hear clients tell you, in their own words, precisely what they want. These valuable nuggets of information can be your secret weapon to generating more leads and retaining more clients long-term. And unlike emails, texts, and chats, your clients’ tone (a crucial factor that can change the meaning of any message) won’t be left out.

Keep Diligent Records

Forgetting or misplacing valuable client information can become a thing of the past. Call recordings give your team the power to refer back to previous conversations with clients and recover any overlooked details all at the click of a button. If and when disputes come up, call recordings can pinpoint the source of the disagreement and resolve the call conflict before it has a chance to escalate.

Accessible Information

Listen to a call recording whenever you want to get all the information you need to know. Don’t have time to listen to a recording? No problem. A call transcript can transform an audio recording into more easily digestible text, so you get a line-by-line breakdown of the entire conversation in seconds.

Navigable Storage

Pull up previous call information in a pinch.’s searchable transcripts give you the power to locate any conversation almost instantaneously. Track down keywords and pinpoint exact quotes without having to remember the caller's phone number, name, or when the call happened.

True Peace of Mind

You know your calls are being handled correctly each and every time because the proof is in the pudding. Audio recordings and text transcriptions provide the quality assurance you’re looking for by allowing you to be a fly on the wall of every conversation. You can see for yourself exactly how agents connect with your callers.


Get access to 24/7 call recording & transcription today!

If you're a client interested in adding call recording and transcription to your service, simply log into your dashboard and activate it. Call recording can be added to a virtual receptionist plan for $0.25/call/mo and to an outreach campaign plan for $0.125/call/mo. 

If you're not yet a client, schedule a consultation to discuss what our 24/7 virtual receptionists can do for your business. You can also reach us at or (650) 727-6484.

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Written by Jessica Paxton

Jessica Paxton is the Product Marketing Manager at

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