New! Call Intelligence is Now Available with Virtual Receptionist Plans


It’s 2021, and the world revolves around data. Business owners and operators are eager to get their hands on as much data as possible, no matter the size of their company. Because with data come opportunities to make better business decisions — and with reliable access to data over time, business owners are able to better shape and predict business outcomes.

Today, proudly announces the release of Call Intelligence, a robust set of features available within the Call Dashboard that put key phone call data in the hands of our Virtual Receptionist clients. (Read the full press release here.)

These new business intelligence tools are free for new and existing clients, and they're available for use now, within every client’s dashboard. 

" ties it all together"

For businesses focused on improving client service, marketing campaign performance, and resource allocation to business communication channels, the Call Intelligence enhancements on the Call Dashboard are a major win.

Charts, graphs, and tables are updated in real-time and available historically, so clients no longer need to manually export calls into a spreadsheet or review call data in their CRM to produce up-to-date data visualizations and analyze past and current performance. 

Initial reviews have been extremely positive. Ari Haas, the CEO of Dijy and a reseller, says: 

“Great business technology is all about integration and data visualization. This new dashboard from ties it all together beautifully by sharing a visual pulse of your company’s call volume, call types, and how each call was handled — eliminating the need to export files and slice-and-dice to visualize elsewhere.”

Explore’s Call Intelligence Features

The new dashboard reveals a wealth of details about calls handled by receptionists, including the type of caller and the actions completed on each call.

For example, a client may wish to view only calls from "new leads," and then see how many appointments were scheduled vs. how many calls were warm-transferred.

Clients logging in to their dashboard immediately see an overview of their call history, and can quickly drill-down into data visualizations that reveal call volume, blocked calls, call disposition, and other essential metrics.

Clients can track relative volumes of calls over time by caller type — which can be segmented by day, week, or month for this year or last year — and use drop-down menus to filter information by status, disposition, and priority.

An option to view or hide spam calls is also available, helping clients understand how many nuisance calls has blocked for free on their behalf in a given time period. 

Clients, primarily those in the legal industry, will also notice that calls from other attorneys and court staff are identified in their own color-coded category, as are actions taken specific to law firm needs, like conflict checks (shown as either matched or not matched).

When viewed without spam calls (since they're blocked for free on every Virtual Receptionist plan), the report for "this year" also shows a dotted line representing the current call plan, so clients can easily understand if their current plan is best suited to their needs.

If non-spam calls regularly exceed the current plan, there's an option to adjust the current plan by simply clicking "Change Plan" in the lower-right corner of the chart, which opens and email to the Support Team.

Clients can also access complete details for individual calls, including caller contact information, call summary notes from the receptionist, and metadata on the call itself. All of these tools and more can be used to track business activities and outcomes, month-to-month or year-to-year. 

Adjacent to the dashboard within the Client Portal are user-friendly tools for adjusting account-level call-handling settings and preferences, so whatever insights are gleaned from the metadata can instantly be used by clients to adjust the course of action on the very next call.

Data visualizations like those provided by our new tools deliver key insights into conversation intelligence, providing business owners and operators with a clear understanding of the relationship between call metadata and business performance.

The launch of’s new Call Intelligence tools, combined with a host of existing capabilities including CRM integration, conflict checks, spam blocking, and appointment scheduling (to mention just a few), further solidify that is the optimum virtual receptionist solution for businesses.

If you’re not yet a client and you’re curious about these and other features, please book a free consultation now.

Questions? Answers!

How do I access Call Intelligence from my dashboard?

From your Call Dashboard, navigate to “Call History,” to see previous calls along with the Call Intelligence features. You’ll see a stacked bar chart for your calls, and an option to select a data range or specific date when the calls took place.

Note that some elements are in the process of being applied across accounts, so clients who don’t see all visualizations will shortly, with even more features coming soon. 

Can I see spam calls in addition to real calls? 

Yes. To see all of your blocked calls, you can click on the "Show spam/blocked calls" checkbox.

Is the Call Intelligence feature free? 

Yes! All new and existing clients will have access to these features at no additional cost.

Is this feature available for Live Chat plans, too? 

Not yet.

Where do I request more features? 

Please email with any requests, comments, or questions.

Need more information? We’re here to help.

For more detailed information on any of the above features, and answers to commonly asked questions, please refer to our Call Intelligence help document

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Written by Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is's SVP of Growth. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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