New! Real-Time Performance Tracking & Analytics for Outreach Campaigns


We’re excited to announce new performance tracking and analytics for Outreach Campaigns! Easily monitor and evaluate performance of sales outreach, marketing promotions, client engagement, and more with reach and conversion metrics, visualized in helpful tables and graphs.

Here's what's new:

Campaign Performance Graph

At a glance, you can see how a campaign is currently performing or has performed in the past.

Metrics are shown as counts and rates for a single campaign, as follows:

  • Called: This metric reflects how many recipients have been called, compared to the total list of recipients in the campaign. This is very helpful for assessing the list quality and validity of phone numbers, which will have downstream effects on the other two metrics.
  • Reached: This metric reflects how many recipients were reached, out of those who were called. As recipients are attempted to be reached multiple times within a campaign, you will see the number of reached recipients increase as the call cadence is carried out. For example, only 40% of recipients may be reached after the first call attempt, but 50% of recipients may be reached after the second attempt.
  • Converted: This metric reflects how many conversions resulted from the recipients who were reached. Note that the count and rate will change as more attempts to reach and convert recipients are made.

Campaign Recipient Call Log with Full Details & Agent Summary

Below the performance chart is a list of calls that have been made to recipients for a selected campaign.

Here you can see the progress of each recipient within the campaign — marked by Status  — and easily identify how many call attempts we've made to them, and whether or not we've been able to connect (speak with) them.

You can also download this call log as a CSV file.

Beyond Performance: Campaign Management and Updates

If you wish to make adjustments to your campaign, such as adding another call to a cadence, simply click on the megaphone icon in the left-side menu, which will take you to the Campaigns section.

From the list of all your campaigns you can select a specific campaign by clicking its name, and then you can make edits to the campaign from there.

How outreach campaigns benefit your business

Answering and qualifying inbound callers is critical, but it’s only part of a strong customer engagement strategy, which often includes outbound sales calls to new potential clients.'s agents can make a significant impact on your business when we initiate calls on your behalf. By making outbound calls, we can help business owners and operators achieve a wide range of objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Immediate lead follow-up (e.g., calling people who fill out an online contact form)
  • Routine calls to existing clients (e.g., appointment reminders, work status updates)
  • Prospective client engagement and nurturing (e.g., calls made to event registrants or webinar attendees)
  • Information gathering and appointment booking for prospects from lead-gen platforms (e.g., Yelp, Thumbtack, Nextdoor)
  • Review requests to boost online reputation efforts (e.g., calls to recent satisfied customers)

These activities can be completed on demand for one time needs, or on an ongoing basis — to as many contacts as you wish (as long as we call at least 200 leads; see our pricing page for details).

What clients have to say about our outbound calls

Clients are delighted by's outbound calling capabilities. Aaron R. Winston of Express Legal Funding had this to say:

" has been a game-changer for us. They expertly handle the outbound calls to individuals who complete an online application on our website. They took the time to really learn about our company and its services, so we have total confidence when they do outreach on our behalf. is way more than a worthwhile investment for us. They are a true business partner, and have become an important factor in our success as a provider of low-cost pre-settlement funding."

FAQ: What about one-off calls and call-backs that are not part of campaigns?

If you already have a Virtual Receptionist plan, you've likely asked us to make one-off calls for you. You will continue to see these calls on the Call History tab of your dashboard. They won't appear in the Campaign performance dashboard, which is reserved for showing calls that are only part of outreach campaigns. These calls are distinguished by a left-facing arrow, indicating they are outbound calls. You'll also see a status of "outbound call." Learn more about outbound call-backs.

Learn more about Outreach Campaigns

For affordable outsourced support that drives real results,'s outreach campaigns is the way to go. Our live agents acan transform your sales process into a lead converting machine.

You can get started today or book a 30-minute consultation to explore options that best suit your business needs.

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Written by Maddy Martin
Maddy Martin is's SVP of Growth. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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