November 1, 2018

Maddy Martin of Featured on In Re Legal Podcast's head of growth and education, Maddy Martin, was featured in "Increasing Productivity for Small Firms and Solo Practices," an episode of In Re, a legal podcast by the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education. In it, she talks about how small-firm and solo attorneys are spread thin, yet hesitate to filter out distractions and hand-off time-consuming tasks. Whether you're missing calls and leads, struggling to follow-up with existing clients and capture late payments, or just looking to run a more efficient and profitable law firm, Maddy explains that the right communication systems can help you get more done.

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Tune in to learn 7 basic and advanced techniques for incorporating call-routing, web chat, and live receptionist services into your operations with minimal investment of time, energy, and money:

1. Intelligently manage calls with complex call paths
2. Automate lead capture & qualification
3. Hand-off new client intake
4. Streamline appointment scheduling & reminders
5. Consistently collect payments
6. Monetize "bad" leads through systematic referrals
7. Integrate your communications into your existing systems: CRM, calendaring software, billing systems, email, SMS/chat apps, and more.

If you've never used a call-routing system, web chat, and/or live receptionist service, you'll learn how to get started, with an efficient setup that maximizes impact. If you're already using one or more of these services, you'll come away with actionable ways to get more out of them, for greater operational efficiency, marketing results, client satisfaction, and profitability.

Listen to the podcast and learn more on the In Re website.

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