How to Grow a Home Service Business


The following is a guest blog post by Ryan Dore, owner of On Point Builders Inc.

Growing a home service business can be time-consuming, complicated, and challenging to say the least. If you want to makes sure it's done right, you may end up dedicating most of your days to talking with potential clients, bidding on jobs, and supervising subcontractors. The lion's share of your time may easily be spent talking to customers about, arranging the materials and manpower for, and managing the work being done on bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, basement finishing, among other projects you take on to help make people's homes feel, fit, and function better. As a result, however, you likely will not have time to answer your phone.

Create a good business plan

The first and most important step when growing a home service business is to create a detailed business plan, which should include what you consider to be your target market. Once you’ve determined your target market, you should estimate the cost of the equipment and materials you need as well as the expense of marketing your services to your target market. Ideally, your business plan should also include how you expect to use your current and potential home service skills and expertise to get your business up and running. A good business plan can lay the groundwork for your entire business so it is crucial to think this step through.

How to find customers

Once you’ve created a solid business plan, the next step is finding customers who are in need of your services. Research which homes and homeowners might benefit the most from the services you offer. A great way to get started establishing your client base is offering to do the home services you offer for friends, family, or other people in your circle. It’s a quick and easy way to start building your clientele. You might even get a few referrals along the way. Another tried-and-tested way to reach new customers is to use flyers, business cards, and social media marketing. This helps let local homeowners know who you are, what services you offer, and how they can contact you. Contacting potential clients in person, by phone, email or by sending out postcards or brochures could help clients connect a friendly face to your company as well.

Do quality work

Doing quality work is one of the best and most effective forms of advertising. When you complete bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling and finishing services that look fantastic on time, with quality materials, and at an affordable price, clients will be eager to use your services again and people who see your work will be impressed and more likely to contact you when they need home services done. Quality workmanship and projects that consistently fits the specific needs and desires of each customer is the foundation on which the success of home services companies are built. Doing quality work is a surefire way to generate customers.

Be friendly yet professional

Another key step in building a successful home services company is to be courteous, friendly, and professional at all times. This means always being on time, setting aside time to answer any questions that customers or potential customers may have, being organized and prepared for every job,  and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with your work before you leave. Homeowners appreciate companies that are consistently prompt, thorough, and accommodating  and will often tell their family and friends about your high quality work, affordable prices, and professionalism.

Hire skilled, properly trained, experienced workers

Your workers and subcontractors are the representatives of your company customers see and interact with everyday. It is important to ensure that they have the necessary skills, proper training, and adequate experience to do the job correctly. Hiring the right people to join your team will help to give your home services company a good reputation, inevitably attracting more customers. When your workers and subcontractors are able to go into any home and quickly, properly, and efficiently complete any type of bathroom or kitchen remodeling project or basement finishing work the client wants to their exact specifications, it reflects well on your business and will lead to satisfied and loyal customers.

Use the right tools and quality materials

Hiring the right people can only be successful if you have the correct tools and high-quality materials they need to do their job well. Making sure that you, your workers, and your subcontractors always have access to and consistently use the right tools and materials is vital in building the success of your business by helping to ensure that all phases of the home remodeling jobs assigned to your company will be done properly, look great, and last for years. Using makeshift tools or substandard materials makes your team’s work look shabby and quickly fall apart. Investing the money it takes to get the right tools and high-quality materials you need will pay dividends for your company for years to come, guaranteeing clients’ confidence in the durability of your company's work.

Offer warranties and guarantees

Making customers aware of the manufacturers’ warranties that come with the materials your company uses to provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and other services is vitally important. When you stand behind your work and guarantee it will be done to your customer's satisfaction, you demonstrate confidence in your services and in the materials you use to complete those services, helping your clients feel secure in their purchase and in you. When homeowners know they can depend on your company to provide warranties and guarantees on the materials you use, they view your company as trustworthy and reliable, making them more likely to use your services again and become loyal clients.

Have the right support staff

Once you have put all of the important elements in place, all you have left to do is hire right support staff to ensure current and potential customers, suppliers, workers, and subcontractors can reach you at all times. Having a friendly and professional agent available at all times allows your clients to receive excellent customer service and promises your business partners, and employees reliable communication whether you’re in the office or not.’s virtual receptionists, for example, can answer client questions, collect payment, schedule appointments, and much more so you and your staff can focus on more important work and still remain productive. You’ll be able to stay connected with supplies, workers, subcontractors, and clients without having to interrupt a project or leave a meeting.’s virtual receptionist services can provide you with all of the help your home services business needs to make sure your clients, partners, and employees are well taken care of.

Get a virtual receptionist service

While you may not have the time to answer your phone on a daily basis, you can't afford to miss important calls from clients, workers, subcontractors, or suppliers. Outsourcing call handling and allowing a trained professional to answer your calls, set appointment times, and schedule meetings on your behalf may take the pressure off of your shoulders. A virtual receptionist service like can help offset workload you may not be able to get around to, at a price you can easily afford. For example, property management answering services or an HVAC answering service is perfect for professionals who may not have the time to answer phone calls and schedule appointments, as they spend most of their time out on service calls. In fact, you can't afford not to have this valuable service. Missed calls mean missed opportunities and when growing a home services company, you don't want to miss any of those. When you sign up with, you’ll be able to enjoy 24/7 virtual receptionist services, allowing you to focus on running your business and still provide the quality customer service your clients are looking for.

Starting a home service business

Growing a home service company like On Point can be challenging, time-consuming, and overwhelming, but doing it right is incredibly important. Taking the time to build your business correctly can save you a lot of complications down the road and help ensure your company has a solid foundation and the proper means to become a full-functional and legitimate business. Growing your home service business with these steps in mind can help you guarantee your company success.

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Written by Ryan Dore

Ryan Dore is a licensed contractor and is the owner of Denver, CO based On Point Builders Inc. Ryan and his team specialize in working with homeowners to remodel or build their dream home.

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