How SMS Texting Engages More Sales Prospects Than Calls Alone


Look at your text message inbox. Now, look at your email inbox. How many unread messages are in each? If you’re like the majority, you probably have few or no unread texts, while you may have dozens, or even hundreds, of emails that have yet to be opened and addressed. The studies show that texting is preferred:

  • 9 out of 10 texts are opened and read within three minutes of being delivered. 
  • 98% of all text messages are opened, as compared to only 22% of all emails being opened. 

You’re not going to be closing deals if you don’t have the best communication tools in place. Whether you’re dealing with B2B or B2C customers, people want more personalized, advanced, and flexible ways to communicate. Gone are the days of the salesman. Today’s audience wants a human experience with a personal connection, in a time and fashion that works for them. 

Enter the text message. As many as 76% of customers say that they’d rather text with a business to get answers or assistance. Even in the modern era when you could use online chat or email to get answers, people want something quicker, more accessible, and even more instant. 

And now that most people have unlimited plans that make SMS texting free, they’re more than happy to spread the messages around to friends, family, businesses, and anyone else who will offer them the convenience of texting instead of having to stop everything to make a phone call. 

Texts let people answer in their time 

One of the biggest selling points for texting is one that’s often used to validate email marketing: when you use SMS, you’re reaching out to people in a way that says, “Get back to me when you can,” as opposed to phone calls and messages that can come off as pushy or needy in some cases. 

When you text prospects, you’re also reaching them on their level and in a format they are familiar with and prefer. This increases the human-ness of the experience for them, which will, in turn, increase their appreciation for your business. 

Texting is more accessible than several communication tools

If you’re looking for accessibility, texting is the way to go. This allows anyone to get a message from you on any device, no matter where they are. The sheer number of people using texting throughout the day ensures that you’re using a tool that is much more accessible in every sense of the word. People are far more likely to text than email, call, or use any other form of communication when it comes to working with a modern business. Although some still prefer a phone call eventually, when you’re dealing with cold and warm leads, it’s a familiar, personal, and yet slightly detached solution that works. 

Texting offers a balance between automation and personalized communication 

When you use texting, you can automate certain aspects of the process and still create personalized messages that get people’s attention and give them the personal connection they crave. You can use software to set up texting schedules and automated texts for reminders or invites, and still text them directly to create an organic, one-on-one experience that many consumers today have never experienced. 

Texting draws people in 

If the only option is to call or reach out directly, many people will go from being a possible lead to being on their way to another business in seconds. Texting allows you to draw in the curious folks who aren’t quite ready to talk to someone or commit to a serious discussion, but who may want a little more insight before they buy. You can even use your business landline number or a familiar number so that people see that you’re not some robot texting them. 

Text follow-up can save (and start) relationships

You can use text messages to follow up on any engagement or activity that people have with your brand or website, such as looking at your pricing page or downloading an eBook. In some cases, you can even generate an inquiry when they visit multiple pages of the site without taking any real action. It’s a way to politely (and from a distance) say, “Hey, I hope you’re finding what you need, and if not, we’re here.” 

That kind of reassurance can often convert more leads than you expect. You always need to make sure that people have properly opted in, of course, but it’s a worthy investment. Cart abandonment and other negative issues are significantly reduced for brands that use texting as a way to follow up on engagement. 

For you – texting offers easy tracking

Some organizations feared that embracing a tool like texting would result in them losing valuable data or having to miss out on important metrics. However, modern texting software and tools have made it so that anyone can track any message. Most platforms and services offer a simple user interface where you can follow up on communications activity and see what texts have been made and what the outcomes have been, etc. 

Metrics are an important part of communications. Creating a successful SMS text campaign takes a little time and practice, so it’s helpful to have resources to assist you along the way. With simple tracking tools, it’s easier than ever to measure the success of your SMS texting and improve sales. 

Let handle it and enjoy the value of SMS along with your inbound and outbound calling solutions 

When you partner with the dedicated agents at, you’ll get a personalized plan for all of the inbound and outbound calling support that you need. Plus, we’ll even help you with other solutions for admin and communication, like Outreach Campaigns, after-hours call answering, live chat support, scheduling and payment collection, and so much more. And we’ll follow up every single call with an SMS text message to increase engagement. 

To learn more, schedule a consultation to discuss what the 24/7 virtual receptionists can do to help your inbound and outbound sales efforts, and more. You can also reach us at or (650) 727-6484.

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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