5 Ways to be a Better Financial Advisor with Virtual Receptionists


Our answering service for financial advisors will improve your productivity by reducing burdens from your incoming calls so you can focus on delivering the best possible plans for the people you serve.

Fielding calls from both new and existing clients is part of job but the frequent distractions prove disruptive during times you’re analyzing and crunching numbers. Between our virtual receptionists answering calls and performing certain other tasks on your behalf, your efficiency and accuracy receive a significant boost.

Below, we have identified five ways our receptionists provide more time for financial advisors by serving as your frontline for customer service and tackling specific tasks.

1. Answer questions about services

Expertise and actual services vary across the board – some advisors stick solely to investment advising while others offer holistic financial planning. If you’re independent, you may work somewhere in the middle, depending on the circumstances. We act as a gatekeeper, by providing callers a run-down of your services and answering as many questions as possible without actually negotiating deals for you. 

2. Provide information about pay structure and perform new client intakes

Unless someone is looking to replace their current financial advisor, new clients won’t have the best grasp on how your services work or how fees are assessed. We can answer questions about fee structures or if you work on commissions as well as outline other forms of payment structure. We collect the caller’s information in a manner you specify then forward it your way or plug the data into a CRM software, so you’re prepared when it comes time to meet with your client.

3. Book your appointments

Existing clients, and especially new prospects, need face-to-face time to solidify a plan. With access to your digital appointment book, we can schedule these meetings on your behalf, while minding sets of time you prefer not to be bothered. Smith.ai integrates with several scheduling apps, making the process a breeze.

4. Dispatch calls to find you for urgent matter

We offer a direct transfer for your “VIP callers” which ensures callers on this list will always ring whatever line you choose. If you move around between your office, home, and on-site meetings, we can make sure clients you specify are able to reach you, especially during key times when deadlines are approaching.

5. Make calls on your behalf

We can make outbound calls for you during times clients require a status update on an account you’ve been monitoring or simply remind them of an upcoming appointment. This particular feature is particularly useful for making a call blast – timely deals may surface for a segment of your clients and you’ll want to make sure the information doesn’t’ fall on deaf ears. We can call clients on your behalf with news on investment opportunities, recommended changes to a plan, or for other pertinent matters, so these calls won’t absorb your valuable time.

A Testimonial From a Smith.ai Customer

We provided several examples of how our services assist busy financial advisors. This is what one of our satisfied clients had to say:

“Smith has been a fantastic service which allows me to focus on my clients without the distraction of unwanted spam and sales calls.”

Greg Meyer -New Wave Financial Services

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