How Automated Chatbots Work to Increase Customer Service


Customer service is evolving at a very fast pace. It has to with businesses facing a lot of pressure from the rising demand for quality customer service. Besides, today’s consumer has also evolved and won’t settle for anything less than real-time customer service.

It is these and more factors that have led to brands seeking out technologies that can help them meet the demands of their customers. One such technology that has become the go-to customer service tool of choice for many businesses is live web chat – chatbots in particular.

How do automated chatbots work to increase customer service you ask?

Great question. Let’s quickly look at how (and why) chatbots can help you improve your customer service delivery. Oh, and help you stay abreast of the ever-changing customer service landscape.

How Automated Chatbots Work to Increase Customer Service

Do you really need a chatbot service to improve your customer service delivery? Well, let’s take a look at how chatbots can help with your customer service – and what you are missing out on.

1. Easily handle large volumes of queries

Chatbots are capable of handling massive volumes of customer queries. Unlike their human counterparts, they don’t get tired or even slow down. It is this feature of chatbots that helps you ensure that the quality of your customer service is not compromised no matter how many customers you are helping at any giving time.

2. Real-time responses

Another great reason chatbots are changing the customer service industry for the better is that they respond in real-time. The advantages of this are numerous, with the top 2 being:

  • Happy customers. Customers don’t like waiting to get help, they want to be served immediately. Chatbots help you do just that.
  • Less pressure on your business. Due to their efficiency and speed, chatbots reduce the pressure on your customer service team by clearing the queue faster. This leaves your customer service reps to handle complicated queries that require a live chat agent.

3. Improved customer experience

Customer experience plays a big role, not only when it comes to customer service, but also in the overall success of your business. Chatbots are a great tool when it comes to helping your customers have a great customer journey and overall experience with your brand. A well-programmed chatbot can easily walk your customers through the buyer journey and even help them with after-sale support with minimum human intervention. 

4. Increase customer engagement

In the world of brick-and-mortar businesses, many a customer are won over by proactive staff members who welcome them well. Online, your chatbot has the same effect. By engaging with everyone that visits your website, chatbots help make your brand more approachable, thus making it easier for customers to engage with and trust your brand. This is the perfect recipe for increasing brand loyalty.

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Written by Micky Deming

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