Google Workspace Pricing Explained: Calculate the Costs for Your Business


G Suite has become Google Workspace, and despite the name change, businesses are still getting access to all the best office productivity tools that can ensure that you can collaborate and communicate in the best way with your teams. There are several different plans available, and Google even has special pricing for nonprofit organizations (see our guide on Google Workspace for Nonprofits here). 

Of course, if you have a for-profit business, access to all of Google’s best tools doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Choosing the right plan starts with knowing what your options are. Every Workspace plan includes all of Google’s best tools, apps, and platforms, including:

Plus, you’ll get a custom business email address that includes premium security and management controls, Google’s trusted support, and so much more. Let’s take a look at each of the available plans separately so that you can see what your options are. 

Google Workspace Plans and Pricing

For businesses, there are four options for packages, offering various prices and features for companies of different sizes and needs. Their fourth and final package is the Enterprise option, which allows you to essentially customize your solutions and get custom pricing, too.

Business Starter 

At about $6 per month, per user, this is the most affordable business option for Workspace. This plan allows you to have up to 100 participants in video meetings and comes with:

  • 30GB of cloud storage for each user
  • Management and security controls
  • Google’s Standard support plan

Business Standard

This plan is double the cost of the Starter package, but you get a lot more for your money here, too. It costs $12 per user each month, and the Standard plan comes with that custom business email, but ups the features to include:

  • 150 participants per meeting
  • Recording feature for video meetings
  • 2TB of storage for every user
  • Available paid upgrade to Enhanced support plan (Standard support included)

Business Plus

The Business Plus plan takes things up another notch, providing you with even more access for your business teams at about $18 per month, per user. In addition to everything offered thus far, the Plus plan includes:

  • eDiscovery and retention features
  • 500 participants in video meetings
  • Attendance tracking
  • 5TB of cloud storage for every user
  • Enhanced management and security controls
  • Vault (a dedicated database where you can manage, export, and even search data from Gmail, Drive, and other Google apps)
  • Advanced endpoint management
  • Available upgrade to Enhanced support plan (Standard plan included)


At the Enterprise level, you can essentially create the perfect package for your business when using Google Workspace. It comes with all the features of the Business Plus plan, as well as:

  • S/MIME encryption
  • Noise cancellation and in-domain live streaming for video meetings
  • Unlimited storage for users
  • Advanced compliance, security, and management controls
  • DLP and data regions
  • Enterprise endpoint management
  • Enhanced support (paid upgrade to Premium plan available)

You do have to contact sales for pricing on this plan, but it’ll be a conversation worth having because even their Enterprise rates are generally designed to be affordable for the modern business. Legacy customers that have upgraded report prices around $20-$30 per user, per month depending on the level of the plan (Standard or Plus). 

The Benefits of Google Workspace

If you’re considering this platform for your business communications, you’ll probably want more to consider besides the fact that “it’s Google” and everyone already knows how to use it. However, we do have to reiterate that selling point because it’s one of the biggest ones—what’s easier to implement than a system people are already comfortable with? Even if they haven’t used all the tools, the skills translate easily and they’re familiar with the way Google operates in general. 

Some other perks of using the Google Workspace platform include:

  • Accessibility: Google’s various tools can be accessed with your business account from any device, at any time. Desktop and mobile support come standard, including apps for iOS and Android alike (although, admittedly, Android devices offer native support from Google). 
  • Collaboration: You will also have access to a host of real-time collaboration tools so that you can work with your teams even when you’re working remotely. 
  • Branded Email: Branded email will ensure that you make a statement and keep your professional image strong without spending a fortune on other email or domain hosts.
  • Instant Meetings: Google Meet makes it easy for you to have instant (and scheduled) meetings of all kinds. Whether you’re around the corner or around the globe, you can always feel like you’re right there. 
  • Fully Customizable: How do you work best? Customize Google Workspace to meet your needs, no matter what those might be. You’ll have limited access and features on some of the lower plans, but they all allow you to customize a workspace that fits the needs of your business. 

Once you figure out your needs, you can compare them to the available Google Workspace plans and ensure that you get what fits your needs and your business budget. If you have a G Suite account and are upgrading, you can simply login at and go to Billing, and “Get More Services”, which will highlight the available plans from Google Workspace that you can upgrade to. 

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