Google Workspace Pricing Explained: Calculate the Costs for Your Nonprofit


G Suite is now Google Workspace, offering a better platform for nonprofits to keep in touch with their teams, donors, and others. It’s becoming the place to collaborate, communicate, and create the things that your business needs. Plus, there are several different plans and pricing options available and when you are operating as a nonprofit, Google’s got your back with great discounts and even a free plan if you just want basic access. We’ll look at all the different plans available for your nonprofit in this guide and help you choose what’s best. 

Google offers great resources for nonprofits that have a Google for Nonprofits account. If you don’t have one, you can set it up and then peruse and choose the Workspace plan that fits your needs. Plus, Google has even created its own helpful Nonprofit Resource Center that can help you learn everything about what they have to offer. To save you the trip (and the extra work), we’ll cover it all below. 

Nonprofit packages and pricing 

Google Workspace has four different packages for nonprofit organizations, including a free plan that is only available to nonprofits, and offers all the basic solutions when you don’t have a larger operation or need a lot of support. 

Free Plan 

At the right price of ZERO dollars per month, the Workspace for Nonprofits Free Plan has just about everything the smaller organization or startup might need:

  • A professional email address using your organizational domain
  • 30GB of cloud storage for each user
  • Management and security controls
  • Standard support from Google
  • Up to 100 video meeting participants

For those who have a little money and need a little more, here are the other plans available to nonprofit organizations specifically. 

Business Standard

The Business Standard plan is still an impressive bargain, at 75% off the standard price. That means nonprofits pay just $3.00 per user, per month, for this plan. It includes everything from the Free Plan and some upgrades:

  • 150 participant limit 
  • Meeting recording feature
  • 2TB of storage for each user
  • Standard Support (option to pay to upgrade to Enhanced Support)

If you want more than the free plan, but don’t want to spend much, this plan is a great choice. 

Business Plus

Nonprofits also spend about a quarter of what other businesses spend on this particular plan. At just $5.04 per user, per month, you’re getting 72% off the standard price for all the features listed above, and some upgrades and additional services:

  • eDiscovery and retention
  • Participants increase to 250 per meeting
  • Attendance tracking for video meetings
  • Upgrade to 5TB of storage per user
  • Enhanced management and security controls including + Vault and advanced endpoint management

This is all yours, and just over five bucks for each user—you really can’t beat what you’re getting here. If, however, you do need the ultimate custom solution, consider the next option. 


For enterprise-level organizations that want to utilize Google for their communication and collaboration needs, Google has discounted its Workspace pricing by 70% or more and includes with it unlimited storage and a variety of upgraded features. You get everything from the Business Plus plan and:

  • S/MIME Encryption
  • Unlimited storage for each user
  • Noise cancellation for video meetings
  • In-domain live streaming
  • DLP and data region controls
  • Enterprise endpoint management
  • Enhanced support (with paid upgrade available for Premium Support)

All Enterprise plans come with a custom price quote based on the services and features that you need, as well as the capacity at which your nonprofit needs them. However, as mentioned, you’re still saving a fortune compared to what for-profit brands pay, making it a great way to keep your communications and collaboration streamlined. 

As you can see, no matter what the needs of your nonprofit organization, Google Workspace has a plan that will work for you at a price that won’t break the bank. Google also mentions that the discount plans for Business Standard and Business Plus have a total limit of 2,000 users. Enterprise plans have no limit—minimum or maximum. 

What’s Included?

So, we’ve discussed all the plans and what they offer, but what apps, programs, and tools do you get when you use Google Workspace? Nonprofits get all the same great tools as other users:

Even if you only use half of these tools, you’re still getting more than your money’s worth when you invest in Google Workspace. Plus, it allows you to communicate across time zones and various devices, ensuring that your organization never misses a beat. 

Google Workspace is a popular choice because most people are familiar with the Google platform and how it operates. After all, even though it started as a modest search engine, Google has been around since 1998, helping the Internet grow into itself and always ready with the next best solution. From the early days of Gmail to G Suite and now Google Workspace, the platform has remained simple, accessible, and affordable for all types of organizations, including nonprofits. 

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