6 Surprisingly Effective Cold Calling Scripts

Is there anything more daunting than cold calling? Reaching out to a potential lead who’s never expressed interest in your products or services before is challenging on many levels. Cold calls also have low success rates because prospects often say “no” out of habit before even hearing your offer.

There’s good news for sales professionals struggling to improve their conversion rates. The correct script can make a significant difference in your success. This post will discuss six surprisingly effective cold-calling scripts, what makes them successful, and how to use them effectively.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling has been part of the marketing toolkit for a long time. It’s simply the process of contacting a potential lead who may have never even heard of your products or services before, much less expressed an interest in them. That lack of familiarity creates a wall between you and the lead. Your goal is to quickly break the wall down and help the lead see why your offering is valuable to them. Often, the goal of a cold call is just to secure a next step or future conversation where you can discuss your products or services in greater detail.

Cold calling traditionally refers to a telemarketing practice. However, it can also occur via email, social media, and in-person visits. Any instance in which you’re interacting as a salesperson with a lead who’s unaware of what you have to offer falls into this category.

Effective cold-calling scripts to boost success

Cold calling is often ineffective. Your prospects have defenses in place against unsolicited sales calls. Getting past those defenses is hard, but it can be done. The following six scripts can help.

Your friend X sent me.

Social proof is a powerful motivator. It’s why so many people will buy a product with less than a five-star rating than one with no ratings. You can turn this phenomenon to your advantage by tapping into your prospect’s network of connections.

Hi [name], Hannah over at [company name] is having a lot of success with our marketing automation solutions, and she suggested I contact you. I’d love to talk to you about what we’re doing at Hannah’s company and how it can help [prospect company] grow. When would be a good time to discuss it?

This script relies on the fact that people trust those they know. If you know them or, better yet, were sent by them, you automatically have a higher trust level than any other salesperson. 

Ultra-personalized communication

Generic communication is out. It’s a sure way to have your prospect hang up before you get more than a sentence or two into your script. Personalization helps you keep them on the line long enough to spark their interest. So, how do you personalize your communications?

1. Do some digging. Know whom you’ll speak with, and then check their social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, and other online sources.

2. Use that information to tailor your script as personalized as possible. 

3. Some options to use include:

  • I noticed you’d climbed the ladder at [company name] up to [current position]. What’s your secret to advancement?
  • I know someone who graduated from [alma mater university name]. What did you think of your experience?
  • I saw from your LinkedIn bio that you’re a fan of the New York Yankees. Do you get a chance to go to games often? 

Fast on their feet

In many cases, effectual cold calling is nothing more than getting prospects to give you a quick response before their defenses kick in. Make sure you have a well-rehearsed pitch that tries to hook the prospect by quickly explaining how your solution can solve their problems. 

Hi [name], this is [your name] from [your company name]. I noticed [prospect company name] is seeing a lot of success with [product or service]. Tell me, are you looking to expand into a new market?

Tailor this script to your offer and situation, of course, but make sure it specifically meets the “What’s In It For Me” criteria and focuses on the prospect 

Champion of the industry or community

Want to overcome objections from prospects? Don’t be a salesperson. Be an industry or community champion.

Hi [name], this is [your name from your company]. I’ve been part of [industry or community name] for over 30 years, and I’d like to talk about how [prospect company name] can thrive here. Would you be open to discussing that?

The helpful expert

This effective cold-calling script also relies on stepping away from the salesperson role. Instead, you’re a helpful expert.

Hi [name], this is [your name from your company]. I’m on a mission to help businesses in [industry or community name] achieve measurable growth fast. I’d love to talk to you about how to do that.

Direct and to the point

Do you give your prospects a chance to disrupt the flow of your script by asking questions early on? That could be one reason you’re not seeing the conversion rates you need. Instead, get right to the point without giving them room to object until they know the value of what you’re offering. 

Hi [name]. This is [your name with your company]. I’m calling today because I want to schedule time on your calendar so I can show you how our [product or service name] can turn [prospect company] into a powerhouse in the [industry name] industry by [key selling point]. Let’s schedule a demo.

Beyond cold calling: Be prepared for success

Once you’ve mastered the art of cold calling, ensure you’re prepared for the influx of appointments and inquiries for further information. At Smith.ai, our virtual receptionists offer 24/7 answering, so you never need to worry about missing a call. We also provide appointment booking, custom greetings, and email and SMS follow-up. We can even supplement your cold calling efforts with our Outreach Campaigns. Don’t let the success of your cold-calling efforts catch you by surprise. We can help.

To learn more, schedule a consultation or reach out to hello@smith.ai.

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Written by Tom Armitage

Tom Armitage is a Senior Marketing Manager with Smith.ai.

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