5 Ways to be a Better Plumber with Virtual Receptionists


Working as an independent plumber or running a commercial plumbing business takes significant time, energy, and knowledge. The virtual receptionist service from Smith.ai improves your business by fielding your incoming calls, affording you more time to spend on providing service for clients.

To provide exceptional service while installing new plumbing systems, upgrading sites, and repairing leaks, focus needs to remain on the job at hand. Too, working with liquids, makes taking phone calls an issue as electric and water don’t pair well.

Below are five ways the Smith.ai’s plumbers answering service can improve your productivity as well as make sure important calls don’t get washed away while performing your job.

1. Relay information from callers

Whether you run a larger business or work as a lone contractor, taking inbound calls is time consuming. Someone could be calling to schedule time to fix a problematic leak while others may need a new installation. Missing calls means potentially missing opportunity or even losing trust with an established client. Our virtual receptionists come into play by gathering the necessary information in a manner you specify and ensuring it makes it your way. If you’re utilizing a CRM or ticketing system we can plug this information into your software. Otherwise, we can send information via text or an email.

2. Transfer urgent calls

A bad leak is just the starting point for a myriad of problems that ranges between a little water damage, an unwanted moat, and ultimately, mold. Our virtual receptionists learn about your specific availability which is considered when determining the level of urgency. Matters that can’t wait will be transferred immediately to the appropriate person – we can even ring multiple lines until we reach someone. If everyone is too wrapped up, an email or text will be sent and marked with “urgent” priority.

3. Perform new client intake

Some callers will be seeking a new plumber for a repair while others will be looking for a new installation. While some businesses will focus on residential or commercial service, others deal with projects of all sizes. When a new prospect’s needs align with your service capabilities, we can collect the information about the client in a manner you specify, gathering as much details about the project as the caller can provide. This information can plugged into software you utilize or sent in an email.

4. Schedule appointments

For jobs not requiring immediate attention, you’ll prioritize them in a schedule however you see fit. By working with you and understanding your business capabilities, we can set appointments for standard visits at client sites. The Smith.ai service integrates with a variety of calendar applications such that we can make appointments on your behalf. We can also send information about a service request, allowing you to set your own appointments as you see fit.

5. Create a VIP list for callers

Individual contractors and smaller companies may choose to take on one or two projects at a time. During these times, we can directly transfer specific caller numbers to make sure they are able to reach you immediately. This is particularly helpful when something happens while you’re offsite or outside working hours when, for example, another contractor working late and damages a plumbing line that could potentially wreak havoc at a job site.

A Smith.ai Customer Testimonial

We ran through just some of the ways the virtual receptionist service from Smith.ai can boost your business output as a plumber. This is what one of our clients had to say:

“Smith.ai has been great! They regularly field more than 60 calls a month for me and are an invaluable resource for my company. The virtual receptionists answer many of my callers answers saving me lots of time. They have really taken the time to learn my business so they can provide great help to my callers without any input or direction from me. Their prices are fair to and are far more affordable than hiring a receptionist.”

Carter Doyle

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Taking calls for plumbing repair requests and new installations doesn’t have diminish the level of service you provide. Sign up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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