How SMBs Improve Online Marketing Results with Chatbots


In a small business, anything you can do to gain an edge in digital marketing makes a huge difference. Leads turn into sales conversations which will produce added revenue. 

The more leads you can generate the healthier your business will be and the easier you’ll be able to sleep at night. At the same time, you may be wondering if another tool is really the answer. SMBs have to focus, and constantly cycling through the latest marketing tricks and tools doesn’t lead to sustainable growth.

So, the important question to pose in considering implementing a chat in your SMB is, “Will a chatbot really improve your SMB marketing?”

The short answer is: Yes. Absolutely, a chatbot will improve your marketing results without creating a distraction in your existing workflows. Let’s dive into the reasons why this is the case.

Increased conversions

The most important component in digital marketing is conversions, not traffic. Your natural instinct is to think everything on your site is great, but you simply need more traffic. This is not true. Traffic is a commodity. You can find traffic from a variety of places if you know you’ll convert that traffic into qualified leads.

The key component to traction is conversions. And live chat is a huge improvement for conversions. Just think of the alternatives. If a website is not using live chat, then the only way your traffic is going to convert is A. by picking up the phone and calling or B. Filling out a form then waiting to hear back from you. 

Chat is much easier for engagement. They can ask a quick question and be more specific than simply filling out a static form.

Sales enablement

Converting a lead is only part of the equation and does not directly lead to revenue. You also have to have a system for turning leads into sales. Website chat helps SMBs here too, because your chatbot will qualify your leads for you. 

Qualification is important because you don’t want sales reps wasting time on someone who you already know is a bad fit. When you are able to handle the initial qualification up front, you can be much more specific in offering solutions as the prospect move further down the funnel.

Tighter Messaging

The less obvious, but crucial benefit of chatbots for SMBs is you are able to dig deeper into the pain and concerns of your potential clients. By offering a chat option, you find out a lot more about what they were looking for and what they have in mind.

By learning what the customers ask for most, you can improve messaging and speak directly to the pain of your customers. 

Many businesses use their chat function as a starting point for building out FAQs since they find patterns in the questions asked.

This intelligence that comes from a simple chatbot is far superior to what information you can get from a static form on a website.

Overall, the difference is crucial for SMBs and implementing web chat can be extremely simple.

Get Live Web Chat

It's time to try live chat on your website. Just one new client captured via chat can pay for a year (or more) of's live web chat service. We provide fully staffed live website chat with professional agents. Outsourced live chat is best for small businesses like law firms, e-commerce businesses, IT consultants, financial planners, property managers, realtors, and marketing agencies (to name just a few!).

Our live agents are highly skilled and can answer common questions about your business, qualify new leads, schedule appointments, take payments, and more. You stay in the loop when chat transcripts are sent to you after each conversation and logged in your CRM. There's no setup fee, services are month-to-month with no annual contract, and plans start at just $140/month and are covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

Or choose our Free AI Chatbot for unlimited chats 24/7, with no human intervention needed!

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Written by Micky Deming

Founder of Full Stadium Marketing, Micky Deming, knows the in's and out's of marketing for growth, specifically through content strategy, production, and promotion.

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