5 Ways to be a Better Electrician with Virtual Receptionists


Running an electrical contracting firm or working as an independent electrician requires both great business acumen and a high degree of knowledge to be a success. At Smith.ai, we recognize the challenges associated with staying on top of projects while balancing communication with clients and prospects. The Smith.ai virtual receptionist service allows you to focus on utilizing your skill sets while we field your incoming calls.

Between servicing existing locations, troubleshooting systems, and undertaking new projects, hours are easily absorbed, leaving less time to handle critical administrative functions. Rushing a project while minding NEC is never an option plus, working overtime is both exhausting and often expensive.

Our virtual receptionist service at Smith.ai provides five advantages for electricians by improving productivity at a busy electrical company.

1. Field incoming service calls

Both existing and new clients will call you when something fails to power on or frequently shuts off for reasons unbeknownst to them. It could be as simple as replacing receptacle or switch that's shorting out but you also realize it may require a more sophisticated repair when you can’t find any trace of power near the endpoint of a failure. Instead of spending time walking through the “what if” scenarios with a client, we can take these calls and collect information in a manner you specify. We send this info your way via email or plug it in to a ticketing service utilized by technicians at your company.

2. Transfer calls for emergency situations

Some service calls can’t wait and will require immediate attention. In other cases, you may be in the middle of a project with a client who might need to contact you or a dedicated employee when a situation arises and no one is on site. In these situations, we assess the urgency of a call and forward it to you or the appropriate person. Especially for small teams, our ability to ring multiple numbers you specify until the caller reaches someone is ideal to make sure urgent, new developments are addressed as soon as possible.

3. Inform clients about your services

Whether you focus primarily on commercial or residential sites, new callers may be unfamiliar with your capabilities. While some companies will tackle any project, others prefer to handle jobs of a specific size or within a certain locale. Too, you may provide niche services by installing restaurant or manufacturing equipment. When someone calls in to inquire about service, we can provide an outline of services you provide as well as furnish information about rates, when appropriate.

4. Perform intake for new projects

When a job aligns with your services, you’ll need to collect as much information as possible. We gather as much data as the prospect is able to provide, organizing it however you prefer so you’re well equipped with the necessary information before first visiting a job site. If you’re using a CRM system, our virtual receptionists will plug this information into your software. Otherwise, we can send the info your way in an email.

5. Schedule your appointments

Established clients and new clients may will simply need to schedule time for an upgrade without the need for priority service. Before starting work on any new project, you will need to schedule time to visit a site to compile information to build a proper estimate. We integrate with several scheduling programs, meaning we can set these appointments for you while minding your availability. If you’re not using any software, appointment information can be sent your way via SMS or email.

A Smith.ai Customer Testimonial

We just covered several ways we can help with running an electrical contracting firm or working individually as a lone contractor. Here is what one of our satisfied clients had to say:

“We are very happy with it. Your receptionists have been the best we’ve used so far. They go above and beyond any other service we’ve used up to this point.”

Armor Electric – ‘The Best Electrical Contractors in Orange County’

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