15 Best Examples of Simple, Effective Sales Decks for Demos


A sales deck is a salesperson’s best friend and coveted tool. Of course, having an effective sales deck will make all the difference. You can’t just throw something together and call it a day—you’ve got to put some strategy into it. Fortunately, we also live in the Internet age, which means you have instant access to dozens upon dozens of examples and templates used by others that are getting results. Then, there’s no risk of trial and error because you already know what’s working and how to make it work for you. 

What’s a sales deck? Essentially, it’s just a slide presentation that is designed to help you pitch your product or service to clients. Decks give prospects a way to feel connected and understand exactly what they’re getting. It also allows them to get the “wow” factor when you do it well. To help, here are 15 great examples that showcase the effective use of sales decks for business demos. 

The best decks for your inspiration

1. Zuora: Visuals sell a story

This deck is a winner on all counts. The enterprise software brand Zuora offers a main sales deck that has plenty of images, limited text, and important statements, stats, and facts. They also have backgrounds that set them apart and the use of imagery makes it easier for everyone to follow. 

2. Salesforce: Simplify the journey

This deck is a prime example of how to deliver the benefits of a complex product at a level that everyone can understand. It’s all about simplifying the journey for the customer and Salesforce does a great job of using visuals and charts to help you follow along. 

3. Uber for Business: The 3-point rule

This campaign features a unique deck that has bold images, eye-catching text, and more. Plus, the slides are set up to compartmentalize a lot of detailed information into easily digestible chunks and deliver a message that’s easy to follow and leaves a lasting impression. Consider ending the deck with a customer quote or review to ensure that you’re remembered. 

4. Reddit: Brand identity

Reddit does a lot of things well, but one area where it shines is with brand identity. This brand has always longed to stand out from the pack and make a bigger impact, but that’s not always easy to do. Reddit, however, has perfected it here and it’s easy to see. 

5. Zenefits: Simple information

This sales deck offers an informative, simple design that can be customized for various industries because it offers a basic template, and yet is consistent in styling and colors. It is clear, simple, and to the point, which makes it a winner. 

6. Immediately: Sophisticated and solution-oriented

This deck features sophisticated styling and a professional appearance, and yet it makes sure to catch people’s attention. It also delivers a direct message, is concise, and offers mobile-based options for companies that want more flexible sales solutions. 

7. WeWork: Charts and graphs go far

When you’re looking to explain how well your business meets needs and delivers on services, graphs and charts can do a lot. This startup that got in on the early days of co-working now has a value of more than $20 billion, and this sales deck is an example of just how they continue doing better. 

8. Office 365: Color makes an impact

The Microsoft Office 365 sales deck offers a vivid color scheme and impressive graphics that get people’s attention. It’s no wonder that this company excels at presentations, conveying its message concisely while highlighting all the features and offering plenty of visuals to support the info and keep people engaged. 

9. Crew: Minimal is more

Minimal is the name of the game here and you can’t miss it—every single slide contains a single image, sentence, or graph right in the middle and that’s it. No extra details, no cramming tons of info onto a deck. Just simple, succinct messaging to provide a straightforward presentation that’s easy to follow. 

10. Mattermark: Defining the problem

This company wins with a deck that goes right to explaining exactly what problem they solve. Investors, prospects, and others need to know what you offer. You can’t assume they know—use a sales deck like this to explain what problem you can solve and how your solution is the best choice. 

11. LinkedIn: The long deck 

This is a great deck in any case, but the big impact here is the length—LinkedIn proves that you don’t have to be bored even when there’s a longer sales presentation than you’re used to. This deck is great at capturing attention from beginning to end, offering information and interest. 

12. Buzzfeed: To the point

Buzzfeed is a brand that’s synonymous with getting to the point. They do a lot of shorts, and their sales deck is no different. They start with “where we are” and then invite you to come with them as they show where they’re headed. 

13. YouTube: The message 

There’s nothing particularly special about this deck, except that it shows that your message is sometimes the most valuable part. No visuals, a large font, and simple information avoid distractions. 

14. Moz: The CTA close

Moz is one of the leading brands in SEO today and most people know them by name. However, they don’t take that for granted, showcasing that with this successful close. Their sales deck includes a simple, direct Call-to-Action to encourage the viewer to take the next step, and it does it without seeming pushy or salesy. 

15. Foursquare: Self-service with details

Foursquare’s deck explains the product, features, and proof of its popularity and success. When you want a more detailed deck that people can really get into, this example offers a great way to offer a “self-service” sales deck that allows the pitch to make itself. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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