10 Statistics to Help You Pick the Best Call-to-Action for Your Social Media Ads


Having the right call-to-action makes all the difference in the success of your marketing. Social media marketing is a strategy that many companies are using today to reach out to their audiences. While email marketing and other methods are still more popular or preferred, that’s definitely changing as the demand for a different approach comes from the audiences out there today. Social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming much more valuable “selling tools” for a business than many people ever expected. 

To truly harness the power of social media ads, of course, you have to make sure that you nail them, from start to finish. This includes the call-to-action, which is the point at which you’ll encourage your reader to take the next steps and convert. This could mean a sale, but it could even just mean an email signup or a visit to your website from a social media page. If you do it right, you can get all the conversions that you want. 

Here are 10 statistics to help you get a better idea of what your social media marketing should entail if you want it to be successful. 

1. More than 3.6 billion people use social media

By 2025, that’s expected to grow to more than 4.1 billion people. That means that there is a huge audience on social media for your marketing efforts. However, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the call-to-action or be generic because you know the people are there. It just means you have that much more potential, so your CTA has to hit it out of the park. Otherwise, a competitor will easily sweep up your audience. 

2. Facebook is the top-ranked social media website, followed closely by YouTube 

This has less to do with your call-to-action and more to do with planning your marketing approach, but it could be a good way to focus your efforts. For example, you’ll want to make sure that your Facebook marketing campaigns are on point and that your calls-to-action offer incentive for people to continue on the buying journey or even just learning about your brand. 

3. 92% of all the revenue earned by Facebook comes from advertising 

Facebook is a haven for advertising and digital marketing. It’s no wonder that people are creating social media marketing strategies that include plenty of efforts on Facebook and other sites. With this kind of ad revenue, you can trust that you’ll get something from your efforts when you do it right. Of course, that also means that there’s a lot of competition, so your CTAs really need to hit it out of the park. 

4. 44% of all brand posts use links to engage users via social media

This can be a great way to include a call-to-action that literally just needs to be clicked. People like links that are short, sweet, and take them to something valuable. When you use that link to create an effective CTA, you’ll get people’s attention. Of course, because so many brands do use links, you also have to make sure that yours stand out and deliver as promised. 

5. 96% of B2B marketing pros used LinkedIn to distribute content organically

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most valuable digital marketing platforms in the social media realm, and for good reason. Primarily, it’s popular among B2B companies who need to reach out to other brands and professionals to sell their products, but anyone can benefit from the network when using it for marketing effectively. 

6. The average click-through rate (CTR) is about 1.3% for social media ads

That’s not a very high rate, to be frank. While some people will say it’s “average”, do you really want to be just average? Consider a stronger call-to-action that will get people’s interest and encourage them to engage more than they might with other ads. See what others are doing, what’s working, and what isn’t so that you can plan accordingly. 

7. 68% of social media users prefer images to text-based posts 

This is a new way to create a CTA—keep it short and sweet. Use images, memes, and other graphics to get people’s attention. A single one-liner is all you need to go with the image, if anything, to get people to follow through. If you want better click-through rates, consider adding more images to your ads. 

8. 79% of all marketers report spending money on Facebook’s paid advertising campaigns

That’s a lot of people investing a lot of money in paid advertising. Even if you’re also paying for ads, you still need to have the content that gets people’s attention. That’s where a strong CTA can come into play. Organic, paid, it doesn’t matter—if you don’t close the deal, you’re going to lose the audience. 

9. 81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook 

If you’re also marketing on Facebook, you have to stand out. People don’t have time for ads and with the increasing number of marketing efforts put out by Facebook, it’s easy for them to get frustrated or feel inundated with too much marketing. That means that yours needs to make all that much better of an impression to get noticed. 

10. Over 46% of all social media traffic is generated from LinkedIn

This is less about your CTA and more about where you’re marketing your social media ads. If you are a B2B company, especially, you can benefit from the growing LinkedIn network as a way to generate interest in your business. You’ll want to create more professional CTAs and ensure that your message is focused on the right audience, but it can be a quite effective option for social marketing in the B2B world. 

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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