Top 10 HIPAA-Compliant Scheduling and Calendar Tools


Medical organizations, health insurance companies, and other healthcare companies often find themselves left behind when it comes to new technology and tools. That’s because most platforms are created with basic security features that are good enough for most companies, but not quite good enough for HIPAA. 

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted in 1996 as a federal law designed to protect patient health information. Patients must give express consent or be notified of any sharing or disclosure of their personal health information, including medical records, medication history, insurance information, and other details. 

While this is great for patient privacy and protection, it makes using technology and new tools more difficult. After all, you can’t just link up an open-source tool like Calendly to your practice and start using it — at the very least, you have to choose a HIPAA-compliant platform. You should be looking for more than that, of course, such as features and tools that can make it easier to run your practice or healthcare organization. 

First, though, you’ve got to find the right platforms. Here are 10 of the best options for HIPAA-compliant scheduling and calendar resources. 

1. SimplePractice 

SimplePractice is one of the most used scheduling tools for medical practices and healthcare businesses. It includes dynamic scheduling features, along with resources for insurance and billing, documentation, and mobile access with a Client Portal for streamlined care. Telehealth and world-class support are included, as is an easy website builder for those who don’t yet have one. 

SimplePractice comes with a 30-day free trial and plans start at $29 per month. 

2. TimeTap

TimeTap is a feature-rich scheduling tool that is designed for all appointment-based businesses. It allows convenient management of bookings and appointments, along with scalability that grows with you over time. You can create automated waitlists for appointments, custom booking forms, and even multi-location resources so that you can track everything in one place. 

TimeTap offers a 14-day free trial and plans start at $22.45 per month, with all plans being HIPAA-compliant. 

3. Acuity Scheduling 

Acuity Scheduling is a popular scheduling tool that’s designed for use in several industries. It offers a HIPAA-compliant platform that is designed to protect patient health information. However, users must have an Enterprise or Powerhouse plan for HIPPA compliance features. The benefit is that you gain access to a host of scheduling features and resources so that you can streamline the entire process. 

Acuity Scheduling offers a free seven-day trial and pricing starts at $49 per month for HIPAA-compliant plans. 

4. Boulevard 

Boulevard is a self-care scheduling tool that can be used by several organizations. This software helps book appointments, but it also delivers a better client experience from start to finish. You can optimize your time, streamline workflows, and have access to world-class support that’s available when you need it, not when they’re ready. Boulevard also includes reporting, a marketing suite, POS and payment solutions, and plenty of other features to create a total solution. 

Boulevard starts at $175 per month and offers a demo, but no free trial is available. 

5. TeleVox

TeleVox is more than just a scheduling tool. It’s designed for actionable patient engagement and effective communication. This patient engagement platform allows you to customize interactions and messaging, manage the end-to-end operations of your practice or healthcare business, and streamline digital communications. More than just an appointment scheduling tool, TeleVox is enhancing the patient and provider experience. 

TeleVox starts at $99 per month and custom pricing is available for certain users. 

6. Awarenow (Profi)

Awarenow is changing its name to Profi. This tool is focused mostly on coaching and wellness, but it can also be used by consulting firms and corporate wellness organizations. A BAA is available and the software is fully HIPAA-compliant, no matter which package or plan you choose. The scheduling tool offers dynamic features like branding and marketing tools, content creation, and more. 

Awarenow offers a free trial and demo, with custom pricing for most users. Individual professionals can find plans for $99 per month with a free 30-day trial. 

7. CareCloud

CareCloud includes a BAA so that you can enjoy HIPAA compliance, no matter which plan you choose. This cloud-based scheduling solution includes a host of security features to ensure total privacy and security for patients. Appointment scheduling, practice management, and electronic patient management are combined in one tool with telemedicine features and much more. 

CareCloud Complete, which includes all the features, starts at $629 per month. 

8. NexHealth

NexHealth offers online booking and reviews, along with a host of other solutions when you choose a premium package. Forms, reminders, messaging, marketing campaigns, waitlists, and even online payments are available with the Delight package, which includes custom pricing and plenty of guided support through installation and implementation. 

NexHealth pricing starts at around $350 per month for the basic package and a free demo, but no trials are available. 

9. NueMD

NueMD offers appointment scheduling solutions along with end-to-end practice management and optional EHRs. Medical billing services are included, too, saving you from having to download a bunch of different apps to do the same thing. Mobile access means you can see patient information from everywhere, too. 

NueMD offers custom bundles, personal quotes, and standard pricing starting at $149 per month. 

10. Birdeye

Birdeye Appointments is a great tool to help healthcare organizations and practices manage appointments, scheduling, reminders, and even intake forms. The platform integrates with other tools that you use so you can streamline operations and grow your practice without having to worry about the hassles of scheduling. With Birdeye, healthcare, dental, and insurance businesses can enjoy HIPAA-compliant scheduling solutions. 

Birdeye plans start at $299 per month, but HIPAA-compliance may require an upgrade and most users are prompted to request custom pricing. 

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