Top 10 Figma Shortcuts to Get Work Done Faster


Figma is a popular design tool that is gaining traction amongst the leaders like Adobe, offering collaborative sharing, flexible pricing, and a variety of cross-platform solutions that change the game for all kinds of UX/UI designers. Plus, this platform is available on the web and Windows or macOS desktop operating systems, and rumors are circulating about possible mobile solutions and development in the future. Of course, most designers aren’t working from mobile devices in this regard, which is why the web and desktop apps work. 

Figma makes it easy to create custom designs, and prototypes, and even master your own design skills. They also have recently added a group of available plugins to support the platform. And like all great programs, Figma has a host of shortcuts that are designed to make work more productive and less tedious. Taking the time to learn the most popular ones will get you far. 

Of course, you can also write them all down (or copy them from somewhere) and have a cheat sheet that you keep next to your desk. That’s ideal, in any situation. Nonetheless, there are still some shortcuts that you’re going to want to know by heart. Here are 10 of the most popular Figma shortcuts out there today. 

1. Shift + 1

This is one of the many “zoom” shortcuts in the Figma software. Pressing these keys will fit the layers to the screen so that you can see what you’re working on with minimal blank space. 

2. Shift + 2

This is another zoom shortcut, specifically one that allows you to zoom in on the selected frame. This one is used often by people who regularly rely on Figma for design and it’s a useful way to make sure that you’ve always got the right view. 

3. Shift + 0

Zoom to 100% with this shortcut, whether you’re zoomed in on a panel or just trying to get back to the normal settings. It’s easy with this combination of keys and will save you trying to track down the “zoom” options in the interface. 

4. Shift + R

If you’re not a fan of having the rulers around all the time, this shortcut is great. It allows you to show and hide the rulers and layout grids on command, whether you’re trying to make your design bigger on the screen or you need the rulers for some type of formatting. 

5. Ctrl + G

This shortcut will show or hide the layout grids on the main part of the interface. It’s also a great way to group or un-group selections in your designs. This allows you to move and modify them easily and ensures that you don’t miss a single element. 

6. Alt + 1 

This shortcut is handy for multi-layer projects. It allows you to go to the layers panel without having to find the navigation so that you can keep track of the different layers of your design. You can simply press these keys and keep moving on with your design, saving the hassle of having to find the navigation or wasting time mousing around. 

7. Alt + 2 

If you want to get to the components, that’s what this shortcut will do. Simply press the keys and you’ll see a list of components pop up along with a menu full of options that will allow you to continue working on your design. 

8. Ctrl + Shift + L

With this shortcut, users will be able to lock layers, components, and even individual elements. Simply select the item(s) you want to lock, press the shortcut, and trust that your designs aren’t going anywhere. It’s also used to unlock the layers—simply press the buttons again and watch the design release its various locked components so that you can move them around. 

9. Ctrl + Alt + O

The Team Library is a great feature for collaboration on the Figma platform. This is where you’ll find all the members of a team, design components and icons, and other details. You can use the shortcut to open the menu so that you can view this library and make sure everyone is on task appropriately. 

10. Ctrl + Shift + E

This allows you to export your design or even certain components of the design to send to developers and others. Simply select the layer that you want and then use this shortcut and you will be able to send the details off to wherever they need to go. 

Are shortcuts really worth it?

This is a question that several people ask. After all, if a shortcut only saves a few seconds, is it really worthwhile? The answer is yes, when you use them regularly and properly. After all, one shortcut might save a few seconds, but 10 could save a few minutes. If you master shortcuts and use them regularly, you could save hours on the job. We’re already fortunate that tools like Figma are coming out with such simple user interfaces. The fact that shortcuts are also available is icing on the cake. 

If you are trying to improve productivity and get work done faster, shortcuts are a must. One might not seem like much but they do add up over time. You can even find a full list of the available options at the Figma website, covering those discussed here and many others. 

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