Three Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Site When You Start Advertising Online


So you’ve built your website and grown the traffic visiting your website through relevant content. Now it’s time to push the next phase of your online business – monetization.

Of course, the best way to drive paying customers to your website is to launch ads that attract customers. But advertising alone can’t do all the heavy lifting of your marketing. You need a secret sauce that will spice up your campaigns and give you an edge over your competitors.

That edge is live chat.

3 Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Site When You Start Advertising Online

Why is live chat a great way to augment your online advertising efforts?

There are a number of great reasons, however, let’s look at the top 3.

1. Easily qualify leads

While many people may see your ads, not all of them are your ideal customers. Every sales person knows that lead qualification is one of the trickiest parts of making a sale.

Enter live chat.

When you launch your online ads, make sure you have a live chat service on your website to help you qualify the leads that come in. When visitors arrive on your website and find a live chat box, those who are “warm” or ready to make a purchase are more likely to engage with your virtual receptionists. 

This is a classic case of your customers self-qualifying themselves as warm leads.

2. Live chat boosts your advertising ROI

According to research conducted by the American Marketing Association (AMA), live chat can increase conversions by as much as 20%. It also results in a 305% increase in ROI (return on investment)

But how does live chat achieve that when you launch your advertising campaign?

Builds trust 

When a visitor lands on your ad and is interested in your offer, the next step they take is to visit your website. With your live chat service in place, you can easily gain their trust by answering any questions they may have.

Improves the buyer journey

Live chat is a great way to improve the buyer journey as your live agents can inform and educate your prospects about your product or service. With someone to guide them along the way, the chances of them making a buying decision increase.

3. Doesn’t break the bank yet is very effective

Another great reason to add live chat to your site when launching advertising campaigns is that that live chat is an economical way to drive sales.

Especially if you use a service like that only bills you for relevant chats, live chat makes a lot of economic sense. After all, we do understand the costs associated with launching ads, so we’d rather not add to your financial burdens.

Get started with Live Web Chat risk-free

It's time to try live chat on your website. Just one new client captured via chat can pay for a year (or more) of's live web chat service. We provide fully staffed live website chat with professional agents. Outsourced live chat is best for small businesses like law firms, e-commerce businesses, IT consultants, financial planners, property managers, realtors, and marketing agencies (to name just a few!).

Our live agents are highly skilled and can answer common questions about your business, qualify new leads, schedule appointments, take payments, and more. You stay in the loop when chat transcripts are sent to you after each conversation and logged in your CRM. There's no setup fee, services are month-to-month, and there's no annual contract. Plans start at just just $140/month and are risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Written by Micky Deming

Founder of Full Stadium Marketing, Micky Deming, knows the in's and out's of marketing for growth, specifically through content strategy, production, and promotion.

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