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We at recognize how valuable time is to your home services business which is why we’re always looking for ways to save precious minutes wherever we can. Our new integration with ServiceTitan allows you to fast-track your processes with the help of powerful, intuitive tools.

What is ServiceTitan?

ServiceTitan is a leading home and commercial field service software and mobile app for service companies. Their software connects service teams with a cloud-based platform that can help them manage all that comes with running a business, from scheduling to invoicing. ServiceTitan provides the tools for service companies to grow revenue and streamline operations, with a powerful suite of CRM tools and real-time insights.

How the and ServiceTitan integration works

When you connect with ServiceTitan, all calls handled by’s receptionists will now appear in ServiceTitan. After every call, will:

  • Create a new customer profile for callers who don’t yet exist in ServiceTitan
  • Match callers with existing customers who already exist in ServiceTitan
  • Add a note to the caller’s customer profile with all the call information’s integration with ServiceTitan eliminates the need to manually enter every call and constantly check email, Slack, and text messages for call notifications, saving you time. By reducing data entry chores and keeping all of the employees in the loop on lead and client interactions by phone, this integration also helps you run a more efficient and productive home service business.

You won’t miss a call when you’re using virtual receptionists to answer on behalf of your business. With the ServiceTitan integration, you can see what work has already been completed on the call by the receptionists. From there, you’ll be able to immediately identify and assign tasks for the next steps.

How do I connect my account to ServiceTitan?

If you’re already a ServiceTitan user, setting up the integration is easy! Simply follow these instructions to integrate ServiceTitan and in your dashboard:

Before connecting your ServiceTitan account to, you’ll need to collect your Tenant ID from ServiceTitan and send it to at with the subject line "ServiceTitan Integration Request".

Once you hear back from, you can now set up the integration.

1. Log into your ServiceTitan portal.

2. Collect the following information from your ServiceTitan portal by following these instructions:

  • Tenant ID
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

Once you’ve collected all the required information from your ServiceTitan account, you’re now ready to connect it to your virtual receptionist account.

3. Go to your virtual receptionist dashboard and select the Integrations tab.

4. Select ServiceTitan to begin the integration process.

5. Complete the required form with the information you collected earlier from your ServiceTitan account: Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.

6. Click the Connect ServiceTitan button.

7. That’s it! Once you’ve completed the last step, you'll see a confirmation and the integration between your account and ServiceTitan will be live! integration with ServiceTitan is free

ServiceTitan integration is a standard feature for all of our new and existing clients using a monthly call plan. At, we strive to delight our clients with an ever-expanding list of features and integrations. Your first integration is free, so you can use the ServiceTitan integration at no additional charge.

Questions? Contact us.

If you're already a client and need help with the ServiceTitan integration, please review the help article or email us at for assistance.

If you're not yet a client, please schedule a free consultation to get started with our virtual receptionist services or email us at We'll help you select the best plan to match your firm’s growth goals and budget. You'll also get $100 off your first month of service with with code SERVICETITAN100!

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Written by Jessica Paxton

Jessica Paxton is the Product Marketing Manager at

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