How to Use’s Sales Outreach Revenue Calculator to Determine Your Lead Generation ROI

2023-05-15’s sales outreach revenue calculator is a free tool designed to provide the revenue potential of your business. It’s a great first step for business leaders to calculate ROI and improve the performance of their outbound sales efforts. 

How our calculator provides revenue estimates

To deliver results, our calculator asks you a series of questions regarding your current lead list and sales efforts, including:

  • What is your sales objective or goal?

A sales objective or goal defines your team’s desired results, creating a clear roadmap to success for your business. Common objectives include booking a meeting, inviting leads to an event, or encouraging them to visit a storefront.

  • What is your total number of leads?

The more fish in the lake, the more you’ll likely catch. That is to say, you’re likely to see more conversions with a larger pool of leads.

  • How recently have your lead lists been generated?

New leads are more likely to be interested, as your business is still fresh in their mind, and their contact information is most likely to be accurate and up-to-date, making them easier to reach.

  • What familiarity do your leads have with your business?

The more familiar a lead is with your business, the more likely they'll engage and react positively when a meeting or call to action is requested.

  • What is your sales team’s average close rate?

Sales cycles tend to have multiple stages. The more opportunities that are generated often lead to more customers – but the number is contingent on how well your sales team can close deals. 

  • What’s your average deal size?

Your average deal size sets a good standard for what you can expect to earn going forward.

Once you’ve input your information, our cost calculator runs the math on the backend and immediately delivers your results.

In knowing your revenue potential, you can more deliberately and strategically put plans in place to access targeted lead lists, develop outreach campaigns, and work toward creating new sales opportunities to fill your pipeline.

How to improve the results of your outreach efforts

It may seem like you’re doing everything right. You gather leads, make calls, and follow up, but don’t see the opportunities you expect. If you’re not meeting your sales goals or just looking to build more effective outreach campaigns, here are a few ways you can drive better results from your efforts.

  • Establish your ICP

Before beginning sales outreach, you need to first establish your ideal customer profile (ICP). This documents the type of prospect more meaningful — and most profitable — to your business. Your ICP acts as a guide for who you should be reaching.

  • Research

Research your ideal customers to get an idea of where they are, what pain they have, and how they’re looking to resolve it. Research your competitors to see how they’re pitching their products or services. The more you know, the better you’re equipped to capture the attention, and later convert your best leads.

  • Generate targeted leads

Rather than wasting your efforts and resources on finding as many leads as possible, narrow your audience to leads most likely to buy. Consider efforts like SEO, content marketing, offers, and paid advertising to help bring the leads to you.

  • Consider other lead sources

You don’t have to rely solely on organic lead generation. Another idea is targeted lead lists. There are sales intelligence software that can help generate this contact information, or you can turn to a trade association within a given industry that also may have this information available.

  • Engage with those leads

For the best chance at converting leads, you need to form a solid lead engagement strategy. The easiest way to start the conversation is to simply get on the phone. Outbound calling is just as effective today as ever!

  • Get your sales pitch in order

Your sales pitch is the first impression a lead has of your business. Be sure to make it memorable. For tips on how to perfect your sales pitch, check out our blog.

  • Personalize your outreach

A considerate, personal message can go a long way. Collect as much data on your leads as you can and use that data to adjust your sales message. Make sure your call to action is appropriate, based on how familiar they are with your business, and where they stand within their buyer’s journey.

  • Multiple calls

One phone call just simply isn’t going to cut it. To increase your potential reach rates, it’s absolutely necessary to make multiple call attempts. Our research shows up to five calls is ideal.

  • Use email/SMS follow-up

Sending a follow-up message allows you to keep the conversation going, giving you more opportunities to recap your earlier conversation, answer any questions they may have, and get that much closer to closing the deal.

Maximize your ROI by outsourcing your sales outreach

Whether you have limited time and resources, little expertise, or a sales team that lacks direction, you may find outsourcing your sales support to to be a wise investment.

Outsourcing is a viable, proven solution for businesses interested in maximizing the impact of their sales efforts. Sales teams often see noticeable improvements in lead engagement, conversion rates, and overall revenue. can help get the more repetitive, tedious sales work done for you — freeing your team up to focus on closing deals. can:

Beyond improving your expected ROI, there are a number of benefits to outsourcing your SDR efforts, including:

  • Flexibility’s outreach teams can scale with your needs and grow alongside you. 

  • Expertise

You gain an entire team of highly experienced and knowledgeable sales reps who can implement best practices to reach and convert leads.

  • Leverage

From valuable data insights to the expansion of labor, your business gains an all-around competitive advantage. 

  • Opportunities to target new markets

Uncover more time and resources so you can target leads in new selling areas.

  • Cost efficiency

Reduce overhead that’s typically spent on recruitment,  staffing, and training and redirect those investments toward real sales efforts.

  • A more focused sales pipeline

Let an outsourced sales team dedicate their focus entirely to your sales efforts so you can keep your pipeline full and exceed quota more often.

Benefits of sales outreach with offers outreach campaigns to help better engage your leads lists and create more sales opportunities for your team. 

We’ll make calls on behalf of your business to lead lists sent to us via spreadsheet or API on an on-demand or ongoing basis. We’ll work with you to create a call strategy to reach your sales objectives and develop a call cadence that gets the best results. 

By investing in outreach campaigns, we’ll reach, engage, and convert your leads, while your team can devote their time on closing more deals. Our technology and our talent separate us from other outsourcing options.


We make sure our agents are successful on every call. That’s why we back our team with the power of our technology so our services have the human touch that clients crave — but with the AI advancements needed to stay ahead of the curve. Our proprietary software equips our agents with the information they need in real-time to perform successful cold or warm calls. You can also get a full-funnel view of campaign results in your client dashboard, where every lead interaction is logged and detailed analytics are provided


When it comes to sales, you need the best of the best — and that’s exactly what has. It’s harder to work for than it is to get into Harvard. In fact, we have an incredibly selective 0.7% acceptance rate.’s account managers, team leaders, campaign managers, dedicated client onboarding specialists, and agents are all seasoned professionals who go through rigorous training in both sales and technology, so they can successfully carry out sales activities.

Outsource your sales outreach to

If you’re looking to optimize the ROI you see from your sales outreach, turn to

Recognized by Clutch as a top sales outsourcing provider, has over +50 sales-trained agents that’ll take the time to contact your lead lists, nurture those that are qualified, and ensure they take the right action. 

Book a 30-minute consultation to explore the options best suited for your business needs.

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