10 Video Marketers to Learn from to Grow Your Small Business’ Followers on TikTok, YouTube & Facebook


It might be a small world, but the world of small business is wide open and waiting for anyone who wants to give it a go. This highly competitive industry offers a lot of opportunities for those looking to strike out on their own and find business success. 

SMBs have long been the backbone of our country and economy. That means they, more than others, need to keep up with consumer trends. And speaking of trends, mobile video consumption is currently rising at a rate of 100% each year, and that’s only going to continue. It's estimated that as much as 82% of all Internet traffic will come from videos, either streaming or downloaded, by the year 2022. 

Your small business has a big job. It's going to be up to you to keep up with the competition and try to find your place in the market. When you embrace video marketing, you’ll be able to find that place on social platforms a lot faster. YouTube and Facebook are a great place for SMBs to connect with their audience and when you do it through video, you’re reaching people in a medium that they already use, which is going to mean that you get better results. 

Success with video marketing comes on all platforms. YouTube is the most popular, but LinkedIn is creeping up as a second favorite even though they’ve offered video for a lot less time than other sites. Facebook and TikTok come next, of course, and they all have their own merits, so you shouldn’t rule any of them out of your marketing strategy. 

Of course, when you start with YouTube or TikTok, you’ll be able to share all of those videos on your social pages, giving you a head start. To succeed with video marketing, you can learn from the ones who are already doing it well. In the list below, we’ll cover the 10 best marketers to help your small business. First, though, let’s talk about why you need video marketing. 

The case for video marketing in small business 

Aside from the fact that your audience loves viral videos, there is a lot that you stand to gain from embracing video marketing when you do it correctly. Your audience will appreciate the material that you offer more than written content, which can help increase your following and conversions. Of course, along the way you’ll also enjoy several other perks:

  • Increased revenue
  • Influenced buying decisions
  • Higher search rankings
  • More backlinks 
  • Higher conversions
  • Reduced marketing expenses (video doesn’t have to cost a fortune)

Video marketing helps you reach your audience in a way that works for them. Rather than having to read a bunch of content, people can simply sit down, click “play”, and absorb all the information that they desire. There are so many perks to be had and we could go on for days, but the bottom line is simple: you can’t thrive without video marketing if you want to boost your following on social sites. 

That's right. People are watching almost seven hours of viral videos a week online. That's a lot of time on video. If even one or two of yours are in there, you’ll find that it’s easy to grow your audience. The more videos you have, the more traffic you’ll generate. Of course, that’s assuming that you create the right type of videos. 

That's where it pays to work with the pros and learn from those who have come before you. Now that you’ve got a few more reasons to consider video marketing a critical part of your strategy, let’s meet the people who can help you get it there. 

The 10 video marketers your small business can learn from 

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a small business and entrepreneurial guru, having spent years in the industry building his own empire. He offers a lot of valuable support and insight for the modern small business, including tips and tricks on how to succeed with video marketing. He’s a business expert and has been doing all kinds of entrepreneurship for years, including embracing the world of digital and video marketing, creating plenty of different resources for his own audience, as well as those to help coach and support other businesses and entrepreneurs. 

He’s an entrepreneur and CEO, but he’s also just as prone to posting selfie-style videos to keep in touch with his audience, proving that anyone can create great viral videos when they take the preconceived notions out and just connect with their audience. 

2. Laura Clery

You might not think a Facebook sensation like Laura Clery has a lot of insight to offer your small business, but you’d be wrong. Although she might not be in the “business” of selling anything more than her personal brand, she’s got 14 million followers on Facebook that say she’s doing something right. She creates viral videos using humor and an alter ego that allows her to offer insight and inspiration to her audience. She's got a great presence and even just watching her videos and her engagement can help you get a better idea of where to go with your own. Laura has a unique style, which has helped her grow her following, but she can help you learn about a lot of aspects of viral video. 

3. Scott Stratten, UnMarketing.com

Scott Stratten started viral video recording with his wife and today they have all but mastered the industry. They have tons of viral videos that have millions of views and downloads. Scott has tons of advice on his social media pages and his regular website, and they’ve even written six books about marketing and viral videos to help others find their way. They speak at major events and have helped businesses of all sizes, but they love helping small businesses get their foot in the door and get their business off the ground. They offer a lot of different insights and resources, and even just watching their videos is going to be a good resource.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur almost by textbook definition. He's a respected digital marketing expert and SEO genius, being featured in Forbes and other publications. He was even recognized by former President Obama for being one of the top entrepreneurs under age 30, and he’s got tons of content that you can learn from. He covers all kinds of marketing topics and insights, and even uses his own video stylings to reach his audience, which you can learn from, as well. 

Neil is all about getting results and giving people the resources that they need. He puts out content at an impressive rate, which keeps a stream of near-constant sharing and viewing among his viewers, which is something that you can stand to learn from. 

5. David Murdico

David Murdico is a big name in video marketing. Twitter and Facebook will show you just how big with a simple visit, and he’s the brains over at Supercool Creative Agency. David has been doing video marketing and other cutting-edge marketing for years, having a unique approach that allows him to help you learn how to make videos that get noticed, no matter what type of audience you have. Whether you want to check out his videos or even get some one-on-one support, he’s the guy that has what you need. He has built his own brand quite impressively and can make sure that you do the same when you employ video. 

6. Supercar Blondie

Also known as Alex Hirschi, Supercar Blondie is an online car personality that has more than 36 million followers. If that’s not someone to get behind when it comes to learning to build an audience, we’re not sure who is. Sure, she deals in cars primarily, but again we’re not extra-focused on the niche industry here. Her small business is her brand of followers that keep up with her car videos and she even offers some insights on marketing to help you along the way. 

Alex brings in as much as $1.4 million each year for her videos and other marketing efforts, and almost all the videos that she’s made have millions upon millions of views. If you want to learn about engagement, she’s got a lot to offer. 

7. Joel Comm

This cryptocurrency expert is someone that every SMB can learn from. Although his industry expertise might not be relevant, his marketing and video abilities are worthy of note. He’s a small business guru and is great at cryptocurrency, so if that’s your industry, even better. If not, you can still learn a lot from this about how to market no matter what you’re selling, targeting people in your audience based on interests and what they are hoping to gain. He'll help you build your SMB through targeted and inspired video marketing efforts, too. 

8. Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson is a video marketing expert that works on clever humor and a lot of good knowledge. He provides a lot of valuable insight and tips to people who are looking to build their own marketing efforts. He's currently the head of marketing for vidIQ, and he offers plenty of starring roles in his videos that cover algorithms and trends, marketing and the evolution of the industry, and so much more. He's got plenty of how-to's and insights to help you grow your marketing efforts and build your social following on any site that you choose. 

9. George B. Thomas 

George B. Thomas is part of Impulse Creative, but he also offers an array of speaking and training solutions for people in the realm of inbound marketing and branding. This includes video marketing, and he’s even certified in inbound and video marketing, along with content marketing and more than a dozen areas in total. He focuses on creating actionable strategies that get results and helping you maximize video in every way possible. 

George will show you all of the best ways to use video for your brand so that you can generate a better following on Facebook, YouTube, and even just in general. His experience includes years of marketing and following trends, so you can trust that he’ll put you on the right track. 

10. Tara Robertson

Tara Robertson is a great choice for marketing assistance if you’re trying to build a video following. She has years of her own experience in business marketing and has taken to the world of video like it’s second nature for her. She calls herself a marketing geek, and she means it. Her presence and the way that she delivers training is a great chance for others to see how it’s done. She loves digital marketing, and she has more than 15 years of experience under her belt, focusing on optimizing the customer journey and customer relations to make a bigger business impact and get results. She’s been with Sprout Social and Teamwork and continues to thrive in her own right. 

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Written by Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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