How We Are Creating The Next Super-Agent

Jenn Marie

A new term is taking root in customer care. It is ‘super-agent’, and it refers to a customer service representative supported by virtual technology and machine learning. Experts predict that this new breed of customer support professionals will replace what we currently have by 2025. We don’t have to wait a decade: has already begun the process of creating super-agents.

Technology Is a Part of Our Lives

While many companies depend on call centers to provide assistance to their customers, consumers are actively looking for newer, smarter, technology-based solutions. As automated and digitally-based support becomes increasingly mainstream, the desire to call a real person decreases. Consumers want easier ways to receive the help they need and turn to technology to provide it. It is when they can’t find the answer themselves that they turn to call centers.

As a result, many call centers are beginning to adopt automated solutions that, unfortunately, do not solve customer problems. This leads to a growing trend of frustrated consumers. There are also rising call center costs as companies attempt to bridge technology into their call centers. These added costs are a necessary move (although expensive for most), because Millennials adopt technology into every part of their lives and expect customer support to be no different. Therefore, companies that wish to relate to their consumers will need to upgrade their customer experience.

People Are Still Needed

While automation, machine learning, and virtual assistants are very much the reality of today’s customer experience, this does not mean real people are no longer needed. As explained in this Quora posting, non-traditional questions often need the assistance of a specialist that is an expert in a company’s products or services. With technology filtering out the most common queries, the ‘super-agent’ can focus on keeping customers happy and adding value.

See why Xerox says this super-agent will soon redefine customer service as we currently know it:

The Death of the Call Center from Xerox

The Future of Customer Experience, Now

All of this comes as no surprise to We’ve designed a call answering solution based on the integration of technology and people. Using today’s tools of machine learning and automation, we’ve created a team of super-agents that deliver a personal touch with speed and accuracy.

Our agents are empowered to help you build relationships while adding value by utilizing our cost-effective, high-quality, call answering solution that offers super-agent powers of automated spam call blocking, caller identification and prioritization, and customized greetings and call handling. Instead of worrying about writing down a number correctly, or missing an important call while listening to a spam call, our agents are free to focus on your business.

We even take it further by integrating with other technologies such as:

for streamlined customer contacts and value added receptionist services.

There are perks for your callers as well. They won’t have to worry about waiting for a callback (we offer live transferring), their issues can be resolved faster, and they’ll be greeted by a friendly American English voice every time. virtual receptionists are the first of many super-agents changing the customer experience one call at a time. It is an honor we are very proud to hold.

Jenn Marie

I began my writing and marketing career in 1993 for Taw Caw Little League, a community organization managed by my father at the time. At a young age, I learned the importance of well-written brochures, newsletters, and programs as well as the many challenges of running a fundraising concession stand.

But the unlimited supply of candy made it all worthwhile.

My childhood exposure to community development grew into an adult love of community service. As a young adult, I spent multiple years involved in full time community service through both Xavier University’s United Way Service Fellows program and National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps. During these times, I worked with young children and teens as an educator on literacy, sexual health, and HIV prevention.Helping others through communication was quickly becoming my passion.

Although active on the Internet since 1997, I first began working online in 2002 for Dell Computers. I was responsible for teaching people how to shop online, and it was a job I took very seriously.Upon graduation, I was hired by Microsoft, at the dawn of the Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing boom. I completed three Microsoft certifications within a few months, vastly increasing my technical aptitude and sales skills.In 2010, I began leveraging the internet for projects that combined my journalism, customer service, and sales background. During that time, I completed writing projects for  a variety of internet marketing firms as well as established websites such as and Groupon.  I also worked part-time for as a virtual customer service agent.I’d built a career off of the internet, and was now ready to build my own business.I left Amazon in 2014 to build my business full time. A few months later, I founded Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC  with a team of four freelancers. Since then, we have scaled up and down to meet client demand for  content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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