How Much Does an Answering Service Cost?

Jenn Marie

If you have been looking for a telephone answering service online, chances are you’ve become a bit discouraged by what you find. Many companies do not post the true cost of a virtual receptionist or virtual answering service, leaving you to sign up and cross your fingers instead. We don’t think researching the question of “answering service cost” should be so complicated. That’s why we put that information up front. 

On the Hunt for a Free Answering Service

Few things in life come for free, especially when it comes to a virtual answering service. That’s why searching for a free answering service probably will not get you very far. While it is not very likely, there are a few options. For example, you could try Google Voice, which includes free voicemail, but if you are truly serious about your business, it probably isn’t the best idea. Here’s a blog post on that, if you are wondering why.

If a free answering service (or even cheap answering service) is what your budget requires, consider the affordable pricing options of We’re pretty sure the amount saved in productivity, combined with what you could gain from qualified leads makes out low-cost worth it.

We’re Not Another Cheap Answering Service

Not all virtual receptionist services are created equal. That is why when you begin researching potential answering service cost, you need to ask the important questions such as:

Combine these features with powerful call analytics, instant call notifications, and a responsive customer service team and you’ve got an answering service that is anything, but cheap.

Multiple Options to Suit a Variety of Pros

Budgeting a live answering service for your business can be a challenge – especially when most live answering services do not provide upfront pricing. We understand how frustrating this is, so we try to save you as much hassle as possible.

That’s why our pricing page includes a variety of options to fit our pros needs. Are most of your calls occurring in the afternoon? Choose West Coast hours. Do you receive a lot of calls? Choose one of our pro plans. Maybe your startup or new business doesn’t have a lot of calls yet — we have a plan for you as well. Each option can be changed monthly, and we offer pricing for calls over the quota. If none of these fit, one of our custom plans likely will.

If you are planning for the cost of a live answering service, you don’t need another sales call. Save yourself time and money by trying out first.

Jenn Marie

I began my writing and marketing career in 1993 for Taw Caw Little League, a community organization managed by my father at the time. At a young age, I learned the importance of well-written brochures, newsletters, and programs as well as the many challenges of running a fundraising concession stand.

But the unlimited supply of candy made it all worthwhile.

My childhood exposure to community development grew into an adult love of community service. As a young adult, I spent multiple years involved in full time community service through both Xavier University’s United Way Service Fellows program and National AIDS Fund AmeriCorps. During these times, I worked with young children and teens as an educator on literacy, sexual health, and HIV prevention.Helping others through communication was quickly becoming my passion.

Although active on the Internet since 1997, I first began working online in 2002 for Dell Computers. I was responsible for teaching people how to shop online, and it was a job I took very seriously.Upon graduation, I was hired by Microsoft, at the dawn of the Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing boom. I completed three Microsoft certifications within a few months, vastly increasing my technical aptitude and sales skills.In 2010, I began leveraging the internet for projects that combined my journalism, customer service, and sales background. During that time, I completed writing projects for  a variety of internet marketing firms as well as established websites such as and Groupon.  I also worked part-time for as a virtual customer service agent.I’d built a career off of the internet, and was now ready to build my own business.I left Amazon in 2014 to build my business full time. A few months later, I founded Jenn Marie Writing & Marketing, LLC  with a team of four freelancers. Since then, we have scaled up and down to meet client demand for  content writing, blog posting, and social media management services.

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