How 24/7 Outreach Agents Can Help Increase Webinar and Event Sign-Ups


Webinars and events can be powerful tools to generate interest in your products or services. They can also help attendees connect, learn more about specific topics from your experts, share their own knowledge, and even achieve a successful product launch.

The challenge here is getting people to sign up and attend. Putting on an event or webinar is one thing. Generating excitement among potential attendees is something else entirely. It’s a full-time job in itself. Thankfully, 24/7 outreach agents can take the load off your team so they can focus on more important tasks while live agents call, email, and text contacts and leads to get sign-ups.

24/7 outreach agents and your promotional plan

Generating buzz about a webinar or event requires that you promote it. You need to let people know that it’s happening, what it will entail, and why they need to sign up for it (what’s in it for them). Your in-house team can create a marketing campaign complete with vibrant, compelling collateral. You can then promote that collateral through your website, blog, social channels, and more. 

Where do 24/7 outreach agents enter the picture? They can help in several critical ways. 

1. Reaching out to people on your contact list

Email, SMS, and telephone marketing are highly effective but time-consuming. Your team has other things on their plates than calling previous customers or clients to talk about your upcoming webinar or event. 24/7 outreach agents can contact people on your lists and discuss your upcoming event or webinar and how the person being contacted benefits from it.

2. Keeping the event or webinar top of min

We’re all busy these days. And that includes your potential attendees. They might agree to attend when an outreach agent explains the benefits and advantages, but that doesn’t mean they will show up. Another benefit of working with 24/7 outreach agents is that they can keep that event or webinar top of mind for those who’ve already signed up by sending reminders by email, text, or phone. They can also encourage those who’ve already signed up to share the information with others who might benefit from attending.

3. Answering questions from potential attendees

If your marketing campaign is doing its job, potential attendees should be calling or emailing for more information or to reserve their spot. The challenge? Getting in touch with them if you’re unable to answer the initial call. Most teams are busy with day-to-day responsibilities, and answering phone calls is usually of lower priority than, say, helping the customer they’re currently working with. 

The common wisdom is that “they’ll leave a message, and we’ll call them back.” That approach might work sometimes, but it often misses. That’s because most people expect a call back within five to 10 minutes during business hours. Waiting longer than that could mean missing them and initiating a frustrating back-and-forth process that doesn’t ultimately go your way. With 24/7 outreach agents, you never need to worry that those potential attendees won’t get a timely callback. 

4. Answering calls when your team isn’t around

It would be nice if you could afford to staff your business’s phone lines 24/7, but most SMBs cannot. The challenge here is that potential event or webinar attendees are liable to call or email when it works for them, which may not work for your business at all. This is particularly true if you’re marketing your event to people outside your local time zone. 

Since webinars are held online, and many events have even shifted to the digital space, businesses can market them to potential attendees across the nation or around the world. With 24/7 outreach agents, potential attendees can get a response even if they call or email at 2 AM. When you’re able to communicate with more people, you’ll have more successful sign-ups.

5. Communicating like part of your business

Many business owners worry that turning over part of the sign-up process to 24/7 outreach agents will introduce an “off flavor” in their communications. It’s true that if the agents you use aren’t experts and don’t understand your brand, tone, or audience, it can create a disconnect. That’s why it’s important to choose the right team. 

At, our live agents combine professional experience with AI-driven workflows, custom scripts, and a deep understanding of your business’s identity to deliver on-brand communications and personalized experiences every single time. Plus, you can monitor our agents’ efforts thanks to real-time metrics and reporting right in a centralized dashboard. 

6. Converting sign-ups to attendees

You have big dreams for your webinar or event. Those are fueled in part by the growing number of sign-ups. That’s great! However, don’t expect all of the people who sign up for the event to actually attend. Experts note that with free events and webinars, up to 50% of people who register/sign up don’t end up attending. 

How do you get around this? The answer is to use 24/7 outreach agents to incentivize your sign-ups and convert them into attendees. A few days before the event, outreach agents can begin contacting those who’ve signed up for the event to talk about things that will excite them, such as prizes, information from influential people, the chance to network with others in the field or other key benefits they’ll enjoy. With the right incentive, you can maximize the number of sign-ups who ultimately attend.

Let help boost event or webinar attendance

Ensuring that your webinar or event is a success requires the right strategy, compelling marketing collateral, and dedicated people. At, our 24/7 outreach agents can return calls and drive sign-ups no matter what time of the day or night potential attendees communicate with your business. From phone calls to SMS and email to handling outreach campaigns, our goal is to deliver outstanding support that helps your business grow. We can also offer industry-leading virtual receptionist services, lead intake, and appointment scheduling to streamline your operations.

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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