Outsourcing your outbound calls

Co-writer: Garrett Outland

Smith.ai is proud to announce outbound calling as part of every standard paid plan. We will now gladly make outbound calls to your existing clientele and affiliated businesses on your behalf. Let’s face it, as a professional, your days are already jammed with appointments, deadlines, and other obligations. Making appointment reminder calls, or confirming that paperwork has been received can take up precious minutes of your day. Let your receptionists work for you by taking these tasks off your daily to-do list. Your receptionists will contact your clients or business partners to pass along information or even reschedule appointments

Let's say you realize on Tuesday morning that you've double booked your clients for an afternoon slot. You can have your Smith.ai receptionists contact your client and reschedule or pass along any information you would like. You will receive a call summary from the outbound call with all of the information, just like one of your inbound calls. Many of our clients are already taking advantage of this great feature and have found it to be incredibly useful

“This is a great service and takes important, but tedious tasks off my plate and frees up valuable time. As I grow my business, I'm getting more comfortable outsourcing, which is critical to stay sane. Smith.ai is outsourcing at it's finest!!” -G.B.

Smith.ai’s outbound calling feature isn’t just for appointment reschedules. Your receptionists can make calls to refer them to a business partner, confirm appointment times,  pass along important information such as court dates or times, and even for client outreach (except for marketing purposes). This is just another area where Smith.ai is ahead of the curve.

Please note that this feature is new and it is for all paid plans, no upcharge, just a great new feature that adds a multitude of ways for you to get in contact with your clientele.

How to utilize this new feature:

1. Email the support team at support@smith.ai

(Make sure it contains all pertinent information, such as the clients name and phone number, message, meeting time changes, requests for information or any other information you’d like your receptionists to provide.)

2. You're done, we'll handle the rest and will notify you of any and all changes.


If you have any questions regarding this new feature, feel free to email us at support@smith.ai.

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