12 Best YouTube Channels to Learn about Sales, Metrics, and Improving Sales Team Performance


The Internet is a great resource to tap when you’re looking for free training and educational resources for your sales team. You can find a lot of different sources of information, from informal videos and articles to formal training programs and continuing education that’s designed to help your team stay on top of their professional certifications. In today’s Internet, though, what you can get for free is a lot more valuable than ever before. 

YouTube started innocently enough as a video-sharing platform. Today, it’s one of the most-used video services available, accessed on all kinds of computers, mobile devices, and televisions around the world. It offers as much variety as the billions of people who use and peruse the site each day. And yes, among the sea of cute animal videos and gamer streams, you’ll even find helpful courses, videos, and webinars that can improve your sales team. 

Of course, they’re not all created equally. Like anything, you have to weed through the rest to find the best--- but today we’ve done that for you. In the list below, you’ll see 12 great YouTube channels to assist with sales team performance improvements, no matter what your team is trying to learn. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own YouTube channel or just want some good free resources that you can use to improve your sales team, there’s a lot to love here. You’ll find everything from no-nonsense advice to friendly faces and even unique approaches to the world of sales and marketing

1. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a channel that brings in top sales execs from the largest tech companies out there, ensuring that everyone has the strategies and know-how to hit those nine-figure numbers and automate the sales funnel, plus so much more. Relationship building, sales team building, and other topics are covered, too. 

2. Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy

This bestselling author is also a financial and sales guru that knows all about the things you want to know to build your sales team and their performance. He speaks at events across the country and around the world, and his YouTube channel includes powerful content on leadership, sales, and other relevant topics. 

3. Criteria for Success

This is a company that’s already dedicated to sales playbook development, sales training, and management consulting. Of course, their YouTube channel would be a good place to go for information. On their channel, you’ll find plenty of content related to sales tricks and tips, inspiration, and more. 

4. Anthony Iannarino

An entrepreneur, author, and sales leader, Anthony is quite a success and has a lot of information to share. He’s had a YouTube channel since 2008, and since 2020 he’s been uploading compelling new content. 

5. Art Sobczak

Art’s channel isn’t as popular as his famous book, “Smart Selling,” but he’s a pioneer of sales nonetheless and his YouTube channel has a lot to offer. He covers topics related to cold calling and prospecting using his “old-world” perspective and his observations of the modern sales world. 

6. Winning by Design

WBD is a company that helps support teams in all areas of the organization to create effective collaboration for sustainable growth. Their YouTube channel focuses on sales processes, trends, marketing, and other topics. 

7. Jeff Gitomer

The so-called “King of Sales” is an author of 13 books and has consulted on sales with some of the best brands in the world. He also has a very successful YouTube channel with straightforward, succinct advice with no extra frills. 

8. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

We love LinkedIn Sales Solutions and their YouTube videos. This platform offers tons of videos on the power of social selling and how to leverage the digital world to expand your audience, and the content is enviable. They can assist with everything from sales to metrics and more. 

9. Jill Konrath

Jill’s channel is the latest extension of this award-winning author’s plight to uncover and share some of the best strategies for sales, including things like creating productive processes and teams, understanding the psychology of sales, and more. 

10. Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio has one of the most successful sales channels on YouTube. He covers a variety of topics and has a comprehensive selection of videos on file just waiting to be used by your team. He also discusses and includes the information from his podcast, the Sales Influence Podcast (SIP), and uploads videos frequently. 

11. Mark Hunter

Also known as the Sales Hunter, Mark Hunter is an expert with several years in the sales industry. He’s got a lot of great advice and his personality is as driven as his career. He’s a sales consultant and author with videos on negotiation, sales tips, leadership advice, and more. 

12. HubSpot Academy

A branch of the famous marketing guru HubSpot, the Academy offers an educational YouTube channel where you can learn all about inbound marketing and sales, social media and digital marketing, and so much more. From here, you can even check out the available paid courses and programs to get even more. 

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Written by Samir Sampat

Samir Sampat is a Marketing Manager with Smith.ai. He has experience working with businesses of all sizes focusing on marketing, communications, and business development.

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